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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Oooh YAY, you got to have dinner with MSC; her new jewelers pursuits are so fascinating ... and I admit to not knowing one rat from another either .

    Eolian, those lovely pale BLUEs are a divine way to look cooler!



    • Me, too, BW. Chris came home from the drag races this past weekend & tested positive for covid. I'm now taking care of him. Wearing pearls but no pics.


      • Lovely to catch up with the beauties...
        Best thread ever
        Happy Huku


        • Eolian, I looove your pendant and wire chain! Those earrings are really lovely, as well.

          Jeg, your new pieces from San Francisco are fabulous and the T's you added to the left earring pair look perfect and chic!

          Today I wore oval T's from JNBGems and a Kamoka pearl that I mounted on a twisted gold wire setting I made.
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          • eolian pearls, I can see why those triple earrings are a favorite. Such an amazing color and luster.
            jeg, pretty earrings and pendant. It will be fun seeing what you do with them.
            SurfnSci, those oval tahitians are amazing and that ring looks great. Did you twist two wires and mad a peg with them that you could glue the pearl on? If so I have to try that.


            • Jeg your new artsy pieces are really cool! San Francisco is one of the places on my to-visit list and now your street artist is up there too:-)
              Click image for larger version

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              SurfnSci your ovals are so lovely!!! I love that shape and colors are really beautiful too! And the Kamoka ring is a Wow!

              Thank you all for your compliments on my blue pearls. Now I am on an aubergine kick Yesterday I received a very special pearly package where among other things was a 13mm floating aubergine teal pearl from OceansRhyme. The color is spectacular but I wasn’t sure about the chain...the pearl was just too big for a dainty chain like that...so this morning I managed to put it on 18K gold wire necklace and now I am totally happy with it! A few pics from yesterday and today with the earrings from Druzy that will go through some changed too..

              I have been feeling quite down because the one pearly package with the SoC pendant from Ocean Cove and a necklace from OceansRhyme is missing...I am still hopeful that it will turn up but at this point (almost 2 months in ) I wanted to ask a little help from you my pearl friends...if you could send a positive thought to my package to find its way to me I would absolutely appreciate it and be very thankful! Thank you all in advance! Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!Click image for larger version

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              • eolian pearls, I will send good postage thoughts to your package. I think that during the last 10 years of buying pearls I only lost to packages. One with pearl glue and one with a tahitian strand, both from China. Probably your package is just detained somewhere and will arrive soon. Sometimes I have to wait for three months for my packages. Those pearls that have arrived are gorgeous, especially that aubergine teal pearl.


                • BWeaves, 86C, and Happy Huku, I’m happy you stop by even if you don’t have pics to post. It’s nice to know you are out there! 86C, yikes! Take care and I hope you do not get sick yourself.

                  CathyKeshi, were your ears burning? Your name came up because I was wearing my bracelet made of the Tahitian keshi you had gifted me.

                  Thank you, SurfnSci, Charlotta, and eolian! SurfnSci, pretty new strand and ring!! I hope you had a great experience with JNB. On my part, Jun has been so nice to work with. Eolian, I am sending you extra positive pearly postal package vibes. How disappointing to be somewhere in the unknown. I just hope they are not permanently lost. I do love your new pearls, though. The floating pearl is a style I do not have and I’ve seen so many pretty ones here. Hmmmm....

                  Two Tahitian and Tahitian keshi ombré strands from Kojima. The bracelet is made of J. Hunter pearls from a PP Ruckus.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  • Hi Pearly Gang, love seeing all your beautiful new and older beloved pearls, worn with JOY! Amazed at over 2.5 million views on this thread! My apologies for not checking in more often. Please keep the great photos coming!



                    SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----


                    • Amazing ombre strands jeg ,so pretty. That's why I love tahitians, almost all colors in them


                      • Drooling over everyone's pearls. I'm still busy spinning my pearl fiber and trying to decide what it is going to become.


                        • Thank you so much, everyone!

                          eolian pearls Your new aubergine pearls are gorgeous! That floating 13 mm pendant is incredible! I am so sorry your other packages have not arrived. That is really frustrating and anxiety-provoking! I am sending a bunch of positive thoughts your way for their safe arrival soon!

                          jeg I am drooling over those fabulous ombre Kojima strands!!!! And your J.hunter bracelet is amazing...I love JNBGems - Jun is one of my biggest enablers, haha, and I definitely departed Ban Island a few days ago when I bought a new pink T from Jun. I did manage to make it 2 weeks

                          Charlotta Yes, you're exactly right. I know you have a ton of experience with making beautiful jewelry and probably already know this, but through my own failed attempts I found that the only way to ensure the ring twists are even is to pull steady tension when twisting. I bend a piece of wire in half and clasp the two free ends with flat nose pliers, place either a toothpick or a thin pencil at the opposite round end, then pull and twist until the desired "tightness" of the twists. Next I size the ring and insert one of the free ends under then into the loop end of the ring and bend it up into a peg, then glue on the pearl. I usually cut the remaining free end off under the band so that it doesn't show, and file it. I can't wait to see what you make!!!


                          • SurfnSci I have to try that. Thank you for the explanation. I just have to find the right pearl.


                            • THANK YOU ALL for your positive thoughts for my pearly package! I am sure it will make its way to me now!

                              Jeg those ombres are stunning! Love love love them!!!


                              • Thanks everyone! Pattye, wow, 2.5 million is a milestone! SurfnSci, and just when I was getting ready to come visit you on Ban Island! I was hoping for a shelling/beach combing adventure.

                                Subtle ombré Tahitian and Tahitian keshi rope from Kojima again, with a strand I knotted with colorful Tahitians from CMW.
                                Click image for larger version

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