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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Pareltje, just stunning! That strand looks like it's made of pieces of candy and the earrings are magical of course.

    jeg, everything you own is drool-worthy.


    • jeg that SoC strand is still blowing my mind. Your keshi SoC is also ridiculously pretty!

      Thank you all for the warm welcome! <3

      CortezPearls- 11-12 necklaces per year is mind-boggling!

      Pareltje your akoyas are so beautiful!

      Full disclosure: I'm returning the black bracelet. It's really pretty but not quite what I was expecting. I'm sure my expectation vs reality sensor is off-kilter since I have no experience buying pearls online, but the picture seemed more colorful than what I got. Since I wasn't as in love with it as I am with the lavender I decided it'd be best to return so I wouldn't have that tiny bit of disappointment when I looked at it. Live and learn. I'm very grateful that Pearl Paradise accepts returns!


      • Jeg, that SOC necklace is out of this world gorgeous!!!!


        • Thank you lary007 and AngelinaS for your nice compliments.
          AngelinaS you can always return the pearls that don't make your heart sing! When you see the right ones you will know and don't hesitate to grab them.


          • Thank you so much, lary007, AngelinaS, and 86C!

            Beautiful Akoya, Pareltje! I like the matinee lengths, too!

            AngelinaS, I hope you find something you love. Pearls are very finicky about lighting. There are some days where certain pearls of mine just do not want to come out to play.

            Silver blue Akoya from PP, Tahitian cloud necklace from Kojima, with Tahitian and Akoya keshi earrings I made.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	117F8F3A-1C87-46C3-9911-D44E3B586FD5.jpeg
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ID:	453325 Click image for larger version

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            • Thank you, Pareltje! My heart was singing for a pearl from cmw last night, there may have even been some heavy breathing, but I had to reign myself in!

              jeg I'm sure I will! I'm going to start saving up for blue/silver blue akoyas because every photo I've seen has had me having heart eyes!


              • Thank you everyone for the kind words on my turquoise & pearls. I love that's so colorful & uplifting.

                Jeg, you look wonderful in your blues & cloud!