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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • I sort of neglected your new bracelets because I just love graduated strands to my own distraction. The 2 new bracelets are really cool as well!


    • Thank you! I especially love the lavender one. And I love graduated strands, too! I want more!


      • Oh, WOW!!! Such beautiful pearls & new acquisitions!!!
        Eolian, your pearl is beautiful & looks wonderful against your skin.

        Jeg, I am blown away by your new treasures. The bubbles sister steam is spectacular & that SOC necklace is fabulous!!! I love the gorgeous colors & textures of the keshi strands. Perfect for layering. You hit the jackpot!

        AngelinaS, I love your bracelets. Be sure to post pics when you restring the graduated necklace.

        For me, I wore turquoise & pearls for Mother's Day.
        Click image for larger version

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        • Thank you, 86Corvettegirl! I'll definitely share when I restring it. Your turquoise and pearls combo is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.


          • Originally posted by jeg View Post
            It’s beautiful, eolian! Reflects so nicely off your top/dress.

            Just returned from a pearl play date with Newberry and lmgarden. We met up at SFO, and headed to San Rafael for a few days of pearls and friendship. I posted lots of pics in the Other Stuff thread. I am posting my new treasures in this thread...

            A sister strand for Bubbles! A strand of graduated colors from the same family as Bubbles.
            Click image for larger version

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            Glad to see you got that graduated strand. It looked amazing when I first saw it. Lovely choices.


            • Thank you, LisaC, AngelinaS, Pareltje, 86C, and Red!

              AngelinaS, those bracelets are so pretty! So glad you’ve joined in, but you really don’t need to have pearls to play here! Looking forward to your recent splurge!

              86C, such a pretty, cool breeze look! Hope you had the best Mother’s Day ever.

              Red, wish you could’ve joined us in person, but I guess Face Time is the next best... we missed you!


              • I had so much to catch up on, on this thread.
                Gorgeous pearls, Ladies ! So many beautiful strands and pendants. Love Love Love.

                Jeg, I love your new strand, it is exquisite.........and always love seeing Bubbles.


                • jeg ,new ombre bubbles is gorgeous.
                  AngelinaS, your new bracelets are so pretty and the akoyas are really lustrous. Great finds


                  • Thank you for the pendant love everyone!

                    Jeg, I knew you would come back with amazing finds!!! You are so right to spoil the Bubble with new friends, she is so precious as is her new sister strand! And the SoC necklace...can’t imagine how special it is IRL! I thought these are almost impossible to find...so of course you would have it :-)

                    AngelinaS welcome to the pearl obsession! You have chosen lovely bracelets, you will get so much joy out of staring at them , you’ll see! I am looking forward to seeing more of your finds! It’s always so exciting to get pearly packages and share new beauties!

                    86C love your pearls&turquoise combination!


                    • 86C - How many ways to sing we love it? How many ways to show how much we care?
                      Best combinations, pearls and sky.


                      • Pareltje thank you for your reply about the CMW pearls. I keep dreaming about your tin cup...


                        • Thank you, AzFlyGirl, Charlotta, and eolian!

                          Eolian, you are correct, the SOC is rare. I’d have to defer to Douglas as to how many full strands exist. I have only seen them around Douglas’ neck when he would arrive at the Ruckus. And around Pattye’s neck, who is an owner of one of the Ruckus strands.

                          Sea of Cortez necklace with seaglass Tahitian necklace from Kojima.
                          Click image for larger version

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                          • Darn, tried to upload a pic of the SOC necklace that my son took with his “real” camera. The color is more accurate but the file is too big to upload. I’ll have to post it after I do some resizing.


                            • What gorgeous treasures everyone has! This thread is my secret obsession. And Jeg, your Sea of Cortez strand is amazing. There is really no way to describe their magical powers.

                              And I have to say, 86 you really captured my heart with those white pearls and turquoise...my favorite combo of colors always!
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                              • There are SoC strands and "Unicorn SoC Strands" (name given by Ashley McNamara to SoC Gem grade strands, and I liked it so much I now get to use it ) so, the number of SoC strands they come out with every year varies, but usually 8 strands and ONE Unicorn strand.
                                Sometimes more are made, a "custom job" and then the number may go up to 10 or 12 per year...but still a relatively low number.

                                ​​​​​​​Beautiful strands jeg
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