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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Thank you, Charlotta, eolian, BWeaves, Pareltje, CathyKeshi, and SydK! Yes, eolian, the tri-colored strand was on Cees’ Instagram page.

    BWeaves, that freshwater strand is so pretty! Great luster. SydK, your casual look looks really put together to me! I would be leaving the house in that.

    A Tahitian keshi strand from Cees, with SS and Tahitian keshi earrings I made. I love the composition of this strand, and the keshi are quite large for Tahitian keshi.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	8C1772F7-E2D3-4583-9E1A-F52538F324B7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	274.1 KB ID:	451122 Click image for larger version  Name:	58FEBA18-B771-4368-98E7-5B475D029997.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	36.8 KB ID:	451123


    • Nice necklace SydK. Are the pearls on leather?
      Jeg, beautiful keshis. They are very large for keshis


      • JEG: Nice symmetry to that Tahitian keshi strand. Nice neutrals.

        Today I'm wearing my long Tahitian tin-cup from Kojima. TNT necklace from Oceans Cove. Peacock and Lavender studs from Kamoka. And SoC ring from Douglas. Handwoven shawl from handspun wool and silk, by me.

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        • Beautiful combination Bweaves and that shawl is amazing.


          • Ooh, love the keshi, Jeg. What wonderful shapes
            the tnt strand is always a favourite, Bweaves.
            same pearls as yesterday for me - big eggy freshwaters on leather - but the office version today
            Click image for larger version

Name:	37CD377C-C751-4F83-B2CF-9BAAA54CB1F8.jpeg
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            • Thanks, Charlotta, BWeaves and SydK! BWeaves, those colors work so nicely with your shawl. Your handwoven pieces are truly special. SydK, a very versatile piece from home to office. I can see it for night and beach and everything else, too!

              A Tahitian bumpy bail pendant from Kojima, worn on a keshi scatter chain I made. The posts are Kamoka keshi, and I attached removable dangles of SS and Tahitian keshi. The bracelet is made with color banded Tahitians.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	E8F26686-C82A-46BE-BAEF-2D963ED1E3CE.jpeg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	2D6FFFC2-E4D0-466C-BEBF-4C6604F14B17.jpeg
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              • Still trying to decide how to post pics... I find this large size scary big.


                • SydK: Love the large freshies with the leather.

                  JEG: Love it all, but especially the random tin-cup and the bumpy bail pendant. I like the larger photos better. Your larger photos show up better to me. Your smaller photos were grainy. Your larger photos are a good size and look sharp.


                  • Lovely pieces SydK, and jeg. I have to try putting pearls on leather some time.


                    • Thank you, BWeaves and Charlotta! Thanks for the feedback, BWeaves. The medium sized pics are more like thumbnails. You have to click on them to get the larger pic and then they are less blurry. I do have a very old phone, so that doesn’t help with sharper images. I will take more pics of the strands from Cees and post them in the larger size rather than trying to fiddle with editing the original posts. In the meantime, here is the last of my pearl spree with Cees. A white SS Paspaley strand.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	778393BB-0272-4F99-80C3-1A8C672E1D47.jpeg
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	5CC8A249-64A9-4CDA-9291-3AE0BCB7E132.jpeg
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                      • JEG: That SS strand is stunning.

                        I've been on a bit of pearl buying spree this week. I just got this absolutely gorgeous 30 inch necklace from Kojima. Very smooth, flawless, colorful Tahitians in a medium tone. It's almost a bit ombre' the way the colors morph from one to the other. It looks just like the glamour photos.


                        I had ordered a loooong tin-cup, but it was too similar to a Kojima necklace I bought at Ruckus. I seem to keep liking the same things. Except for the length, it was almost a duplicate, so I returned it. I do like this Tahitian matinee length better.
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                        • Yesterday (and this morning) I wore my long freshie keshie ombre' rope and my freshie tin-cup from Kojima, with the matching earrings. Today, I swapped to my new Tahitian matinee strand and my Kamoka peacock and lavender mismatched studs to go with. The new necklace is light to wear as the pearls are smaller than usual (8.5 mm to a few 11 mm). I love that the pearls are strung in a slightly bubble look and not perfectly graduated. And that the colors are sort of ombre' as you go around the necklace, with a few pops of different colors. It also plays well with some of my other Tahitian necklaces and will be good for layering. I think the glamour shots in my previous post capture the colors better than I can.
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                          • Beautiful new south sea strand jeg.
                            Your new tahitian strand looks great Bweaves. I have been buying earrings from Pearlescence today. I got the prettiest ones, just kidding tons left. Blue south sea crecent studs (they look like moons), white south sea keshi studs and a pair of side drilled tahitians that I asked Wendy to make. I have been wanting a pair of new white south sea studs for a while. Mine are perfectly fine. Just a tad boring. This is Wendys photo of my blue south sea keshi studs.
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	_20210326_180241.JPG Views:	0 Size:	68.9 KB ID:	451255 Aren't they cool?
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                            • Charlotta, Wowza, those are interesting shapes. I love them. What size are they? I could see you wearing them with the point climbing up your ear, or dripping down.


                              • Oh Jeg, BWeaves, Charlotta you have the most amazing additions to your fantastic collections!!!!!

                                Jeg the Paspaley strand!!!! Absolutely beautiful! Another one of Cees’ IG beauties ;-)

                                BWeaves I have been admiring the “dreams rope” rope for a while hoping that someone from here will buy it. One of the things I love about this pearl forum is that the pieces I lust after the most in the online shops almost always end up here or on the other forum, really 90% of the time I can count on it! So great to be able to see them again! Love that matinee length as well, and the colors...dreamy...

                                Charlotta I am looking forward to seeing your new studs, they look very unique...and the other pieces as well...

                                I have something new to contribute here too, yay! I have received my annual pearly package from the lovely Margaret of Simply Adorned, will make pictures of the other pieces over the weekend, for now here is a pendant I fell in love with in her shop and even more IRL - it was shown as true blue pearl and in fact it is blue without any hint of green..And I love the shape as well and eventhough I hardly ever layer my Tahitian Love necklace it looks perfect with the new pendant. The one color that was missing there...Click image for larger version

Name:	6E510C6F-E5C6-407A-98D0-9ABDCE4A3E85.jpeg
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                                Wishing everyone a great weekend!
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	AE82AD29-EB0D-4A45-9B2B-6ACB252479EA.jpeg
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