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  • Experiment ideas?

    For my biology class, everyone has to set up a simple experiment in a topic of interest. I would love to do an experiment on colored gems or pearls but I have no ideas. The experiment would have to involve a title or question, background and research, a hypothesis, experimental design, I would have to designate control and have variables, and a graph or chart. An experimental design is how/what you did in the experiment. This just has to be simple and I don't actually have to do an experiment, but it has to be realistic.

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    Could I do something with the affects of light and heat on an imitation and the real thing?


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      OK. Here is my experimental question. Does pollution affect pearl-producing oysters and thusly the nacre thickness, quality, or color of a pearl produced by an oyster that lives in polluted water? I have a magazine article but I need more sources to prove this question. Any suggestions?


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        interesting topic, but I'm afraid you really aren't going to find much published information, its just not available.
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          I suggest checking fishery journals, specifically in China. There is a lot of this research being done there. I know there is a way to access these journals online but I cannot seem to find it.
          You can also use Google translator if you can only find foreign language versions.
          For example:


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            I'm actually interested to know about the differentiation of real/fake pearls by applying heat/fire. One of the store owners I know actually burns some low quality pearls to let customers know they're real, but I'm not sure about the basis of that. Not really relevant, just a point of interest of mine.
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