Jorge Adeler - Meteorites and Tahitians

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As a pearl lover who grew up a rock hound, I find these earrings an irresistible combination. Although Jorge Adeler is not the first to combine Tahitian pearls with meteorites -- my, oh my, what elegance he has wrought!

You will see more Jorge Adeler pearl jewelry from this year's Couture Show in the future - stay tuned!

See Jorge's Pearl Guide News article HERE.

And visit his website

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Yael Sonia's Pearl Ring is Out of this World

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The new show lighting was a definite viewing drawback, but it didn't deter enthusiasm for the 2018 Couture Show Awards. The display was one of the finest collections in any Couture Show competition. Although the lighting dampened the glow of pearls, this STELLAR ring form Yael Sonia was a standout.

A movable Tahitian Pearl Moon orbiting a South Sea pearl.

Okay, the studio photo has better definition. I am one who feels that the charm of pearls is better captured in candid photos with...

World's First Opalized Pearls -

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We've seen plenty of opalized shells, so it only makes sense that they would find opalized pearls! Discussions are underway to devise a plan to get these pearls a showing in Tucson next year.

This photo is from the article on

[Coober Pedy] "opal miners Dale Price and Tanja Burk were sorting through a spoil heap when they made the discovery." You will want to read the article on by clicking the link below...

Nancy Newberg - Oscar-Worthy Teardrops

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Seen at the Couture Show, an incredible pair of earrings designed by Nancy Newberg. They make ample use of the gem we love best at Pearl Guide. Oh, and there are also plenty of rubies and gold...

You can see Nancy's previous Pearls of the Week here.

Visit to see more of her beautiful work, or visit her Facebook page.

Blaire Beavers
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The Palawan Strand - A Jewelmer Masterpiece!

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Here is the perfect marriage of deep golden, lustrous, large and perfectly round pearls. The Palawan strand is an achievement that represents decades of work and the commitment of hundreds of people.

Pearl matching sounds easy until it becomes your job. It is an incredibly frustrating exercise without a lot of practice and a remarkable amount of patience. Experience, color sensitivity, and visual acuity are required for the professional. Only consider the myriad shades of gold that are...

A Necklace from Brenda Smith

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Brenda Smith, a favorite of Pearl Guide members, returns to our Pearls of the Week with this stunning and artistic necklace seen at the JCK Show Design Center. Brenda's jewels are displayed in museums, but this incredible piece should be worn and enjoyed.

You can see Brenda's past Pearls of the Week here and here.

And you can see her fabulous and very museum worthy necklace in this Tucson recap here.

Visit and

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