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New profile posts

I am loving your tiny Tahitians! You got the cream of the crop!
Douglas, What year did you and your partners start your pearl farm? Just curious, Wendy Fairchild
I found it! It was 2 kilos of pearls in 2000 :)
I missed seeing you at Sarah's "Pearls by the Bay" event.
WOW! You must have been so excited with this first harvest, and those ever since. I wish I could have come, and tried unsuccessfully to watch online. I did see the photos on this forum though. It looks like the venue and the presenters were wonderful...
It was a wonderful event! So sorry you missed it :(
I'd just really like to know more Abt my silver pearl necklace what kind of pearls and a general idea of what they might be worth it's a beautiful silver necklace and I've been told alot of different things I know they are real pearls just not sure what kind and the necklace
Please post an image on the forum and we'll take a look!
Hello and welcome! Are you asking about the necklace you are wearing in your photo? We'd love to help if you can post a photo of the necklace on a white paper towel or white napkin; it helps us see the pearls more clearly.
Hi Jeg!
Could you please send me one of the photos you are trying to upload to my email?
Just so I can analyze it (size, dimensions, pixel density) and assess what could be causing the issue please?
My email is dougmclaurin@gmail.com

Hello, I am new in this group. I'm planning to buy south sea pearl earrings for myself and my mom but I don't know how to identify real ones. I've contacted an online seller based in the Philippines and she sent me photos. I am hoping that you could confirm that my first purchase are real SSP. Thanks
Please post images on the forum and we'd be happy to assist.
Hi Leizi,
Just read your message in the forum. If you can give me your email, we can communicate directly. Or you can email me. I have been living in China for 20+ years and dealing in pearls for several of these years. I think I can help you.
Found these beauties in a jewelry box from the goodwill dumpster! would love to know if they are valuable. I’ve done all the DIY tests, like rubbing them on my teeth, and touching them to my cheek, ect… they pass those simple tests. They have screw on backs with 14k marking as well as two other marks, a star and I think a Chinese symbol.The setting is very unique and I can’t find anything online that looks similar or with similar markings. I think they’re just gorgeous though and I wear them every day! I’ll post a few pics in hopes someone has any information that can help.
Good afternoon all. Is anyone able to shed light on the authenticity of these? I can't find much online about this clasp. Approx 18.5 inches. From 1970s. Many thanks.
Hi Rebecca
If anyone gets sniffy about using my book as a source throw my LLB(hons), LLM, cert Ed and 15 years as a university law lecturer at them! :08:
Thank you very much Wendy.
I bought your book at Cooksons yesterday, and it is very easy to follow and helpful. I do like that you've added parts with the law and global warming in too, as that is something I do want to mention.
I have been having trouble finding articles etc. with new information, they all seem to be very old!
My name is Christian Forero, my parents bought this pearls (cultered ) in Hong Kong in 1998 to a very big retailer ( don't know the name ) with the intention of making a Pearl Jewerly store which they never did, consecuently the pearls where stored in a safe since the time they were bought.

I have 0 experience regarding pearls and was able to learn a little bit about them through the internet and forums such as this one, i want to sell them at a reasonable price since i have no use for them.

At that time i know they payed around 12,500$ or 21,300$ adjusted for inflation in today's dollar value.

I have checked each price tag and ''each pearl line'' and was able to check the value of the pearls to 19,910$ without including the pearls in the little bags which is a considerable amount of pearls left.

If someone can help me sell them or is interested you are welcome to message me.
Hi echo!
Why don't we collaborate on an article? All about Aussie Pearl's!
This sounds great Douglas! I would really love to be a part of it. Please let me know how I can contribute.
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Hi. It looks like you normally get rather potato-y elliptical pearls with great luster...yes? And what you got this last time were just big potatoes with flat faces.
I'm in the UK. I may be able to get you what you want. No promises. Can you tell me how many and what you expect to pay per strand?