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Dec 9, 2010
Nacreous Natterers:

Pattye and I were talking about pearls and she suggested I pose the question, "Do you have a signature look in pearls?"

If so, what is it and how do you make it your own?

You may have multiple "signatures." If so, tell us about daytime, evening...even what your fantasy signature pearl look might be.

I'll jump in to encourage the madness.

I am never without a pearl except in the shower.

My daytime dressy signature is a nested double strand with a 13-15mm drop enhancer clipped on the bottom strand. Depending on the outfit, and whether or not I am feeling like a drama queen, I may add a matching rope or two.

My casual signature is a 14mm white SSP pendant in a plain mounting.

For evening, I like long ropes and pearl tassel lariats.

My fantasy signature look would be a massive elongated drop like La Peregrina or the Yusoupov pearl, worn alone in all its glory. Nothing unreasonable, obviously.

Now let's hear from all of you!
Hi Adi and All,

Adi, you have some great pearls there! I have been meaning to make more enhancers, as they really give options!

I have had a fascination with ropes for at least a year, which has taken over, at least temporarily! Unfortunately, no fancy holiday parties this year to really dress up for. So often I am reaching for a 36 inch strand of deep pink cfwp, which I layer with a doubled 65 inch strand of Oregon jasper ovals in burgundy-mauve-tan, brass spacers and more pink cfwp! Also have long ropes of faceted Oregon Sunstone mixed with keshi pearls, most in the 60+ inch range so I can double or triple.

You may have noted my recent interest in Coco Chanel's ropes, and hope to replicate them in the future, (now that my knotting is improving.) And when I can find out in more detail if they are spaced with smaller pearls. (Need to do more research after the Holidays.) Guess that qualifies as my Fantasy Look (for this winter, at least, lol!)

My daily extreme casual look is a large cfwp threaded on a fine beadalon cable wire in sterling. I have a 12mm dyed black cfwp, oval purple cfwp , oh, and an oval pale gold SS. Sort of a single floating pearl.

Of course, huge, baroque and great luster in general are always popular with me!
I hope other ladies will share so this can be a fun additional "getting to know you" exercise.

Pattye, may you "Chanelize" yourself with a multitude of ropes soon! Thanks for posting!
You may have noted my recent interest in Coco Chanel's ropes, and hope to replicate them in the future, (now that my knotting is improving.) And when I can find out in more detail if they are spaced with smaller pearls. (Need to do more research after the Holidays.) Guess that qualifies as my Fantasy Look (for this winter, at least, lol!)

I am not that familiar with vintage Chanel, but recent production shows lots of tin cup styles. Most new necklaces in stores are not knotted, but spaced apart with gold tone metal like tin cup, interspersed with double C or other beads. But they are not spaced far apart, just pearls spaced with a jump ring or the like instead of chain spaced 1" or more apart like tin cup. Resort 2011 has a strand of faux keshi (drilled sideway) with tiny beads I think, really pretty. It is on the mannequin in our local boutique.
Hi Adi, thanks for the new thread!

Signature style?

Well, I am lucky enough to have a pretty comprehensive (albeit temporary) pearl wardrobe at my fingertips, but some current favourites...

14mm oval freshwaters on simple white gold hook earrings worn with one of my double strand oval pearl bracelets with pendant clip on the clasp for everyday wear..

12mm round GSS on the same hooks (but YG) with a gorgeous semiround GSS strand for something special

small freshwater studs worn with two different sized ropes of white freshwaters for the somewhere in between!

Guess that doesn't really make a signature at all, does it? just that it is always, always, pearls...

Oh, and the gorgeous gorgeous almost round pale cotton candy pink nucleated freshwater strand... 11.5 - 13.0mm
I was going to answer with photos, but I had to find the threads they were in, so you can see what I'm talking about in my "vacation loot" thread. I wear the Paspaley white pendant with round white ssp Carolyn Ehret earrings the most, because they are easy, followed by my abalone mabe' pearls from Eyris Blue Pearls. But -- my very favorite necklace is still the natural white Hanadama strand from Jeremy.

My most worn rings are the abalone ring and the lavender kasumi ring from Sarah at Kojima Company. They make me happy!:cool:

favorite earrings.jpg
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Oh Girls! It is not possible to have this thread without pictures! Gem Geek has led the way...
I'll get my photos when I go back to work...promise...
All right, pearl girls! We've all been busy over the holidays, but we need PHOTOS! C'mon. I will if you will...
I tried to post my photos on this thread, but kept having difficulties. It's probably my unfamiliarity with forum actions...or perhaps just stupidity? I ended up posting them on my Facebook page. I will attempt to make another album on my profile here but have had similar difficulties with that.

In any case, I'd love for the rest of you to jump in, too.
I wear pearls everyday too. Always earrings, either post or dangles...or both as i have 4 holes in each ear. Better to get more pearls on oneself! Most days a strand of akoyas or my SS pendant. I have recently taken up beading and have made a few necklaces of FW pearls. BTW, can anyone suggest a seller of natural fw's for beading? I worry about the quality when buying online. I would like them un-dyed, and reasonably priced. I am craving a rope and want to make it myself. Thanks.
Girlcravespearls: I want to see some photos of how you bedeck those four piercings per ear! I am getting a visual image worthy of an ancient Roman empress...perhaps Lollia Paulina herself!
I used to wear a Akoya Tin Cup until I wore the nacre clean off the nuclei. ; )

These days I'm usually wearing a simple pair of Silver (rose overtone) Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings on simple silver leaverbacks. As for my statement piece, it has to be my Mixed South Sea strand. I love wearing it with a pair of diamond inside out hoops. Here's a pic of it I don't think has been posted before:

small SS-lowres.JPG
Thank you, Donna! I am starting to really love a mix of the golden and warm-toned white South Seas. Sounds like a fun look you have going...let us see you in them if you're so inclined!

Some of my photos are finally working on my profile. I had some issues earlier, but they're functional now. Thanks for bearing with me! I'm going through the family archives in an attempt to find bepearled ladies (and one gentleman in particular) to post also.
Yay Donna for posting a photo. And let me say that your statement piece couldn't be more perfect. You glow when you're wearing it! :cool:
You're welcome Adi. Always love to share!

Aww Blaire, you're gonna make me blush!
These are killer. The luster is like something from the bessamer furnace. So molten and liquid. What's the size? 13?
Tis one is my favourite at the moment, it's a signature as I think opposite materials and colors highlight the beauty of each other ; champagne SS pearl and blue nylon wires.


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My Wife's Pearl Style: Classic/Conservative with a Twist

My Wife's Pearl Style: Classic/Conservative with a Twist

My wife never leaves the house without pearls. She likes stud earrings and usually opts for a pair of 11MM Tahitian Dark Gray/Silver round studs or a 9.5X10MM white CFW. An 18" choker of some kind or another adorns her neck everywhere but the pool. She loves the fact she can throw on jeans, white shirt, heels and a set of pearls and -- VOILA -- she's DRESSED. Pearls are awesome like that. I've been known to sell things right off her neck at parties so her favorites are always changing. The two go-to items from the holiday season to now are a strand of light gold and silver/white South Sea circlets and a strand of baroque silver Tahitians. IMHO, luster trumps any compromise on other value factors.

Ben Johnson
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Thanks for the compliment Ben. It was the luster that made this strand a must have for me too. They are 10 to 13mm.