Are these pink pearls real or fake?


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Mar 16, 2024
Hi there!
I purchased this vintage pink pearl necklace at a flea market, the seller said they thought they were real pearls but I’m skeptical of course. I don’t know much about pearls, so I’m wondering if anyone here could confirm.
From what I’ve read, pink pearls are either fake or cultured, and these ones have a lot of qualities of real pearls - They are not uniform in shape, they are reflective with slight variations in colour, cold to the touch, slightly gritty surface, they are also 14K gold filled. The last photo shows a suspiciously round marking, maybe a tell that it was coated?

Please let me know any of your thoughts, or if there’s any other info I can provide. Thanks so much for your help!


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They appear to be real freshwater pearls from China. Pink is a natural color for freshwater pearls. These are very close in color and I wondered if they were dyed, but you say that there are slight variations in color, so probably not dyed.

They are strung on beading wire with crimp beads at the ends, near the clasp. With beading wire there are no knots between the pearls, but they should be very safe because the beading wire is strong.

Enjoy wearing them!