Who makes pearl hair combs?


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Feb 11, 2021
I’m getting married in May and wearing a classic dress with a single strand pearl necklace, single strand pearl bracelet, and a set of pearl earrings probably too.

What I am missing is something for my hair. I will have a half-up hair style and I’ve been looking for pearl bridal hair combs—but they are hard to find! I don’t want “pearl beads”, I’d like a hair comb with actual pearls in some way.

What are some reputable sellers who offer bridal combs? Are there any vintage/estate jewelry sites I should be looking for pearl hair combs in?

Thanks for any help that can be offered.
Good morning Mandolin and welcome to our pearl loving forum!
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding...and I sure hope some of our dear forum members will be able to help you out on your Quest!
Wendy at Pearlescence.co.uk has lots of bridal jewelry with real cultured pearls. I think that she can make something as well.
Have you considered mother of pearl? Mother of pearl hair combs are fairly easy to find, and also genuine material.

I also found some bobby pins made with genuine pearls.