My Gemini pearls


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Jun 26, 2023
For some time, I say 5 years or more I started a few hobbies, one is vintage costume jewelry and pearls necklaces, I also collected glass vases full of costume jewelry with broken pearl jewelry and suddenly they became a collection it didn't matter if they were genuine, they are just so lovely. My vintage costume jewelry will be going away soon & I learned how to make dangle pearl earrings and single pearl necklaces for a seller shop and especially to share them. Your web site caught my eye a few years ago, it's very informational and professional and I am requesting for help on my some of my babies. I took some photos; I really appreciate your thoughts and expertise.

From left to right: grey choker pearl necklace, light pink pearls 9-10mm, White ivory 12mm, black pearls, A necklace I made.

Thank you.


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1. greysource1.jpg photo: I can see areas of flaked imitation coating, so definitely fake.

2. pearlsour5.jpg photo: I believe these are also imitation, but there is a simple test you can do ("tooth test"): rub 2 of them together gently or rub one of the pearls on the edge of your front tooth. Real nacre feels gritty, while imitation pearls glide smoothly.

3. pearsourc1.jpg photo: imitation. I can clearly see the swirls of excess imitation pearl coating near the drill holes, a dead giveaway.

4. pearlsour9.jpg photo: are these even pearls? Could be some other kind of bead. If pearls, then imitation. That small one has an enormous drill hole.

5. pnkfuc7.jpg photo: Imitation-- excess coating visible near the top drill hole.

6. pearlgrey2.jpg photo: Imitation-- a bald patch of bead clearly visible on one of the pearls on the right where the coating flaked off.

Sorry to say these are all imitation.

For future reference, try the Tooth Test on any pearls you are in doubt about. Also, if you have a 10x jeweler's loupe, you can examine the surface. Real nacre appears smooth, while imitation pearl coating has a coarser appearance. You can compare what you see with any known-real or known-fake pearls.
Real pearls feel gritty but look smooth; imitation pearls feel smooth but look coarse.
I agree fully!