Where to buy dangly gold earrings for my pearls


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Aug 21, 2018
Dear group!

I need to find a pair of dangly 14k gold earrings to use with my 12mm freshwater pearls, and ideally I need it ASAP. Any ideas for where to shop? Nothing too fancy, but not cheap either as I really like these pearls :)

Thanks for any tips!

- Anya
Do you mean the findings- the metal components. Then any findings supply company, etsy, ebay, amazon. range in price from plain hooks in vermeil (sterling silver with a gold plating) to 18 carat with diamonds.!
I agree 100% with pearlescence : you can buy a pair almost anywhere.
You can also find a local jeweler and have him make a pair just for your special pearls :yup:
Thanks so much, everyone! Yes, I was looking for findings, that's the proper word. I don't trust quality on ebay and amazon for something like this, I've never checked it out myself. I'll try Bella Findings. I thought maybe there's one tried and true source for nice quality and reliable shipping that members here like to use. Really appreciate everyone's time and responses!
Have fun "hunting" for your findings and be sure to post a photo of your finished project :D
I have found Bella Findings to be helpful, as Jeremy listed above. They do have a website, but will also work over the phone. With precious metals pricing expensive and volatile, stock changes constantly. They've been very helpful in searching stock, sending me photos to my phone, with measurements etc., and will also take photos if you have, so they can see if they have similar.

Rio Grande Jewelry is another source, with an extensive website, and lots of details about measurements and gold weights etc. They are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are also pretty helpful, willing to search, chat online or phone, and seek out further details if you need.
I like Rio Grande too!