What's hot right now?


Nov 23, 2006
If you had to name the pearl fashion trend that is most in right now, which would it be?
I have some ideas of my own... like the pearl rope necklace or some of our great chandelier earrings, but I'd love to see what you all think.

We will be introducing our new large Freshwater baroques for December for the Monthly Special. They are gorgeous and definitely a favorite of mine! Stay tuned....
I also think that the classic pearl strand (16", 18", or 22") remains a huge favorite because they are so wearable! Gorgeous pearls make a trend statement on their own.

I'm still seeing the layering trend as well. It makes for a dramatic look. You can do this by either purchasing a really long rope pearl necklace and wrapping it at various lengths or you can layer different length pearl necklaces.
Everyone seems to want strands with mixed colors and sizes of rounds, and large baroques for the evening, preferably with color (small beads between pearls, on clasp or ?). The real sighs go for drop shapes that simply aren't there. And historic jewelry designs that I suspect Zeide might approve of too ;) (think: Donatella Pellini)

However, the group 'surveyed' is a not very large circle of ladies in European office (public administration, government and related). Not terribly glamorous bunch.
I think opera lenght is big right now. I've seen a lot of star wearing them in magasines. Specially with many sizes from small to very large south sea pearls.
Hi All don't forget the multi-colored and multi-sized necklaces here is a one I almost like.
Those are rondelles between each bead. I am planning on doing a similar in a sautoir style rather than the 3 strander this appears to be, but no rondelles.


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I only have CFWP in various sizes and colors, so my creation will look a bit different
than that one, but I like that it has multiple colors and sizes AND it could be long, if restrung.
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I like that one a lot also. Think I would prefer as a long rope, can be less formally draped, oh yeah, almost forgot about those carved pearls. Don't have any of those yet! Zeide, you would have to mention that!!! Maybe Santa will leave a few in the toe of my stocking--??;)