To our Esteemed Vendors, a Request

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Sep 24, 2007
Pearl-Guide forum has grown into an exciting and active community of pearl lovers over the years I have been privileged to be a part of it. It's a place where honest information about pearls is valued, and where we encourage each other in our common interest and share our know-how. I’ve learned so much here and look forward to years of learning even more from the rest of you!

It’s fun to see photos of new types of pearls, exceptional specimens, and the beautiful creations of the artisans among us. Seeing others’ creativity spurs our own and gives us the courage to try it ourselves. The forum would be poorer without these things. So please keep them coming!

However, lately the forum has seen an increase in posts by members in the trade that primarily serve to display their stock and promote sales. This was not the vision behind the creation of Pearl-Guide and we don’t want it to move in that direction. PG would soon be clogged with these kinds of threads and the forum as a whole would suffer.

Those of you who sell, please think before you post a thread. If it is an informative thread about new kinds of items, ideas or techniques, this is welcome! Let your goal be to enhance the forum rather than to self-promote, and you won't go wrong. However, threads or posts that we deem to be geared toward selling your products will be removed and you will be directed back to this post.

Also, buyers, please refrain from posting questions to vendors about the price or availability of things you are interested in. Use private messages for that, or contact the vendor through their website, Instagram or Facebook page. The idea is to keep PG an educational site.

Let’s all work to make Pearl-Guide the best it can be!
Not open for further replies.