Thinking of replacing a pearl in a ring...need advice!


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May 12, 2012
I have a pearl ring and I really like the setting but hate the pearl (button shaped, blemishes on the lower half,etc). I'm thinking of taking the pearl off and replacing it with a nicer pearl. Any tips/tricks for me here? I have read about heat methods for removing the existing pearl and solvents (attack), recommendations? Also, what type of glue would be best for gluing the new pearl into place? Thanks in advance!
I used to recommend two part epoxy but had some problems with not setting, no matter how careful I was over the mix.
I've since fallem in love with gel superglue. unlike the liquid it is very easy to keep under control and seems, so far, to be doing the job.
Thank you for the response! Any tips for removing the existing pearl? Also, the current pearl is about 9-9.5 mm but button shaped, I would like to replace with a round pearl, should I err on the smaller or larger side to have it fit in the setting do you think?
What sort of size you select will depend on the setting....can we have a photo?
I would start by wiggling the pearl just to see if it comes loose on its own. after that try Attack
I've used Attack, then 2 part epoxy to glue the new pearl in place. In my case the old glue took a week to dissolve!
Here are some pics:

The diamonds aren't of good quality, but they are so small it looks nice from a distance. I really like the overall look, I just hate the pearl! Strange shape, blemishes, squashed look, and Blah color. I'm thinking of replacing with a Freshadama pearl.

No movement with wiggling! Should I remove the pearl first before purchasing a replacement to see what the setting is all about? I'm assuming it's glued onto a peg inside the "cup"...
Just isn't a full drilled pearl held by wires from the two supports? The cup is holding the pearl and not just joining the two sides?
Yes, I'd remove the pearl first so you can pop different ones in to try for size and look.
Ok, so I've managed to get the pearl off pretty easily by soaking for about a minute in very hot water, but now I'm left with the problem of quite a bit of excess glue stuck to the post as well as the cup that won't seem to come off. I'm guessing I have to soak it in something now, but don't have any Attack on hand (and am not likely to be able to go out and get any this weekend), and I'm a bit impatient. I've read that some have tried acetone, any success stories with this? I have some acetone based nail polish remover hanging around, any ideas how long I would need to soak it for? The peg seems to be a bit large...I hope my new pearl fits!
try pinging it off bit by bit with a needle or other pokey thing. Quote often little bits will break off then - satisfaction -big lumps as the adhesion breaks down.
remember, glue works by maintaining a suction so you are aiming to break the suction between the glue and the netal
Thank you for the advice! A few hours of soaking in acetone and some plucking with tweezers and I think that most if not all of the glue is off! Hopefully my new pearl will be here by early next week. Now, I think I will follow your advice with gel superglue for the new pearl, how do you recommend I apply it, to the peg or to the pearl itself?
Important to make sure you have got all the old glue - as I said, glues work by suction so old glue = no suction =no adhesion. look closely with a lens if you can

I put about half as much as I am convinced is necessary onto the tip of the peg and then wiggle it all about a lot to dstribute - take the pearl off the peg to check that there is glue around the cup as well and if not add a few molecules, more likely large sploges so wipe them off, the hold in place while it sets - couple of minutes.
I like this setting, too! And I like the pearl size...

I ordered a ring recently but this photo has me convinced I need a bigger pearl :)

Thanks for asking this question, maiakity - I was looking at various settings and wondering the exact same thing for a future project of mine.
UPDATE: My replacement pearl came today and it is lovely! A perfect fit for the setting. HOWEVER, I glued it on with some Krazy Glue about an hour ago, and as of right now, I have tested it, I can't seem to pull the pearl off BUT I do seem to be able to twist it from side to side (some back and forth movement, if that makes sense) a bit. I'm worried it isn't on securely however I'm afraid to put too much pressure on the pearl trying to test it as I'm scared the post will break off. Does it take more than an hour for the glue to set? What should I do now, leave it on overnight or heat it off, soak the setting again and start over? Any and all advice is appreciated!
Thank you, I actually thought of that but it really seemed that it was the pearl and not the post moving. Sure enough, I was able to twist it off screwdriver style :( So...cleaned off the old glue and trying again right now...will update!