Think I have found another Poe Pipi


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Jan 25, 2007
Poe Pipi 1.jpg
Hi All and especially kiwipaul,

It is just a coincidence but I came across what I believe to be a Poe Pipi on eBay yesterday. It is 5mm in diameter and looks to be a little deeper. This is one, when I get it, that I will be sending for certification first.

I haven't done a search on eBay for ages as I was trying not to spend but I think it was Paul's Poe Pipi that egged me on although unconsciously. I never expected to find one, never even thought about it. It was just a search and most of what I came up with was
either terribly expensive or rubbish. Just the luck of the draw or day. :)

I should imagine Paul's Pipi Ring being so large is worth a small fortune but even this little 5mm darling must be worth a reasonable amount. I love the look of it. Just hope it is close to the colour in the photo when I see it in the flesh.

Having trouble with attaching the photo so I am hoping it goes through :)

Dawn - Bodecia
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I have thought of something to do with my Poe Pipi and one of the other pearls in that little pin. I have a ring (no photo yet) that has what I believe is a natural Basra in the centre and two little pearls either side. I had intended to have Abalone pearls put either side but the two I bought for that purpose might be a little too big but I am sure the Pipi's would fit well. Only thing is that the centre Basra? is a Blue White and one Pipi is gold and the other possibly pipi is white with a touch of mauve. Might look a little weird but I will play around with the ring tomorrow.

It is just a thought and I had forgotten I had this ring away in my jewellery box waiting for the Abalones to be fitted. Need to check the centre pearl out first anyway. I have checked the bottom and it certainly looks the real thing but need to get certification on it. Talked to my hubby about spending the dollars to have a few things checked and he just muttered which is a "okay" in my mind. :)

Dawn - Bodecia
eBay Seller ID dawncee333 Natural pearl collector & seller. And all round pearl lover.
Hi Dawn, looks like a great result, now the anxious wait for it to arrive.

Will be interested to see how your ring re-modelling turns out, and keen to see more of your naturals as discussed.
Hi All,

Well my so called Pipi pearl turned out to be a natural but not a Pipi. I did pick up on it before it was sent to me as I had luckily asked some questions regarding colour and finally got the seller to take another photo. It was a cream pearl not golden. I thought it was probably not as deep golden as the photo showed but it had been totally saturated and was not golden at all. I cancelled the purchase although I was sure it was natural but I was angry about the colour manipulation and just didn't want to deal with that seller.

So I only have my tiny pipi pearl or pearls now. Still I guess we all learn from such experiences and from now on it it looks like a photo has been touched up at all I will ask loads of questions and not get carried away.

Dawn - Bodecia
eBay Seller ID dawncee333 Natural pearl collector & seller. And all round pearl lover.
Good for you for insisting on checking the color. Sorry it didn't turn out, but I'll bet there will be more opportunities in the future. :)
Thank you for sharing. Useful knowledge for all of us!

- Karin