Tahitian temptation sale

The glamour shots are beautiful BWeaves. And even though the colors are not showing up in your pictures, your smile is and you look very happy with them! :)
Oooh, BWeaves, what a beautiful strand! I've been admiring that on Kamoka's website too; it's stunning, and looks lovely on you; I can imagine it in real life, and hope to SEE it sometime.

My current pearl money just bought me a new laptop (small sigh that sounds a bit like a tiny sob lol). Upside; everyone's pearls look even better now ... and those Bordeaux ... WOW WOW WOW !
OOOPS, I did it again. My finger slipped on the Kamoka website and I bought the ALL-Josh Harvest Strand. I need to see this in person.

Glamour shot.

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 7.33.39 AM.jpg

I've had a rough tax season. I do advanced computer tech support for accounts payable and IRS tax forms. Happy Valentine's Day to me! Right?
OOOPS, I did it again. My finger slipped on the Kamoka website and I bought the ALL-Josh Harvest Strand. I need to see this in person.

Glamour shot.

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I've had a rough tax season. I do advanced computer tech support for accounts payable and IRS tax forms. Happy Valentine's Day to me! Right?

Bweaves, you deserve it then :)

Your other strand is beautiful too. I love the colours and shapes!
There you go, BWeaves! Looking forward to seeing how you like thus one. I think they are both stunning.
Bweaves, both new strands are gorgeous. I really like all the different sizes in the all Josh strand.
Whoaza! Love that strand! Can't wait to see pictures of it. The different sizes are making this an interesting strand!
Even more beautiful; I hope you love both strands, BWeaves ... I'm sure you will!
BWeaves. they are beautiful. It’s not easy to photograph Tahitians, even in good light. (I have learned this recently!) Can’t wait to see the Harvest strand when it arrives. They are a lovely consolation for a hard season. It’s funny how putting on a beautiful strand of pearls can make a person feel better. I’m a mental health counselor, so I hereby name this treatment Pearl Therapy. So enjoy your Pearl Therapy, and thank you for sharing the beauty.
Here's what Celeste told me about the Coral Atoll strand:

The pearls are very shiny and super colorful. These actually come from our sister farm in the Gambier that's run by our Paumotu grandmother's daughter. Josh's parents were like second parents to her growing up and now she's running a farm out there to our same standards and that's where we've been getting most of our colorful circled pearls like these because with Josh grafting we aren't producing enough of them at Kamoka (he's a round kinda guy)! In any case, this is a very special strand selected for color.

UPDATE: The Coral Atoll strand is not a showstopper like the strands previously posted, but I'm very enamored of it. I don't have a Tahitian strand this dark or with pearls this big. It's a great jeans strand. I've been playing with hooking it to my other lighter strands for a black / white or a black / blue look, and it turns it into a very interesting rope.

The All-Josh Harvest strand arrives tomorrow.
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Great additions to your lovely collection BWeaves. I can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful harvest strand when you get it.
I LOVE that All Josh strand!!!:p:p Two fantastic new pieces, BWeaves!
Honestly, BWeaves, I adore the Atoll strand. I'd been eyeing it awhile on Kamoka and am glad it went to someone who loves it. T's have such insane personality, no matter what photos make them out to look like. One of these days I'll have a 'finger slip' or two myself. I have my yearly bonus coming. That's probably when it'll happen.
I'm feeling guilty for spending this much money on myself. But I'm kinda in love with these pearls.

And it's here! The All-Josh Harvest 2019 strand. It feels very special to me because I've met Josh and Celeste of Kamoka. At the last Ruckus, Josh gave a presentation about how he cultures pearls, which was very interesting since most pearl farms try to keep that information secret. This is an expensive strand for me, but I feel that it is very personal and very special because Josh cultured all the pearls. It's also 21 inches long, so it nests very well with my other Tahitian strands which are 20, 19, and 18 inches.

Keep in mind my camera phone is not picking up the colors. It is a very neutral strand with subtle colors.


And worn in bad bathroom lighting, because I had to try it on right away as soon as I got home. My eye is immediately drawn to the flying saucer white pearl with the pistachio pearl on top of it. For some reason, it reminds me of BB8 from Star Wars.


Back to trying to photograph the Coral Atoll necklace. In my car in the early morning.


In my bathroom.


On a walk during the day.


In my PJs.


The All-Josh strand will get worn to work tomorrow, and I'll try to photograph it during daylight hours in the shade.
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BWeaves both new Tahitian strands are lovely. Gorgeous, amazing, unique, lustrous, fabulous......I am running out of adjectives. And that clasp on the harvest strand is adorable.
The all Josh strand is beautiful Bweaves, both strands are simply stunning. You will get a lot of use out them.
Oh, congratulations, BWeaves, they are beautiful, and I love their origin story. Wear them in good health!
Why are Tahitian pearls so addictive? I mean, that’s kinda how it feels! I ordered more today after seeing all your beauties. It’s always nice to have pearl mail on the way. This will be a 16” strand of green/purple circled pearls. I really love the rings. Thanks for looking.

OOO, I love the rings, too, multichrome! It looks a lot like my Coral Atoll strand, which also has a lot of colorful rings that my phone camera just won't pick up.

Finally some good daylight. Here's as close as I can come to what the All-Josh 2019 Harvest strand looks like in real life. I still can't quite capture all the colors.


The clasp is very pretty, but the "tab" is tiny and I have a hard time latching it. I'm glad it has a safety catch, too. I don't know why clasp manufacturers don't make the working bits bigger. I'm tempted to replace the clasp with an orbit clasp, except this flower clasp is one of the things that screams "This is a special Kamoka strand!"
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