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Merhaba! Kamoka has been making "harvest" strands for several years. A harvest strand is a combination of all the different shapes, sizes and colors of pearls from a single pearl harvest, and can include rounds and really baroque keshi that grew in a pearl sac from a previously harvested pearl. Normally, pearls are collected over the years, and then carefully matched, so they go together. The harvest strands are the exact opposite. The All-Josh strand is extra special as I've met Josh, and because it's the first year he's cultured pearls in 20 years, there are no second harvest keshi in this harvest. They're mostly rounds or near round.

Here's an example of another harvest strand:


Wow, I didn't know that! So much to learn! I thought it was just good design (which it is). Thank you for the explanation! What a beautiful and meaningful strand.