So I ordered from Pearl Paradise.


Dec 19, 2019
Spent more than planned at first, but should prolong the pss at least lol

Dark Tahitian pearl strand
Tahitian pearl necklace with dark green tones
Tahitian necklace with greens and peacock
Lustrous, well matched, clean surface and a good wearable size. Looks like a great choice to me. :)
Pearl Paradise will give you no dead ends :). This is a lovely strand!
You chose a gorgeous strand. I love (on my monitor) the subtle cherry tones of the pearls and how smooth the surfaces are.
Pretty excited to give these to the wife, hopefully fedex gets them here Christmas Eve.. Pretty sure she has no idea. PP was pretty great at getting these pictures to me today so i could place my order. I couldn't order just by seeing their pictures on their site, especially since some of the descriptions didn't match what I was seeing in the pictures.
Here's a hint. View them in natural light, but in shade. Not direct sunlight. And drape them over your skin. Tahitians come to life when they are next to skin. I always find them a bit disappointing when I open the box. Then I put them on and WOW.
Good advice from BWeaves! The black background of the box just kills luster, and overtone colors are best seen in diffuse light conditions, i.e. either standing in the shade outdoors, or on an overcast day, or else indoors away from direct window light. Walk around the house with them. My Tahitians look different in every room of the house!
Yes I noticed that. Same applies to finishes on other things. Fluorescent lights kill colors. These are just pictures from the person. I spoke to at PP. I'm waiting for them to arrive.
Congratulations to your wife; those Tahitians look lovely on her; very complimentary to her. Well done!