Show us your Mikimotos

And recently going through things, I discovered that this pin, which was my mother' Mikimoto. IMG_3460.jpg
What a lovely pin! I hope you wear it. That is one of the nicer vintage Mikimoto pins I have seen... a lot of them look the same, usually in grape clusters. This has a harp like almost musical note appearance. Very graceful pin , JerseyPearl.
That's a beautiful pin, JP! Very timeless!

@amti, 2thdktr, BWeaves: thanks! I'll check out Miki's support and see if they can trace the collection. I've been searching the web like a mad woman, but I could not see their old collections before.. you know, before the internet came along. :p

I wonder if anyone here owns a Miki rope, I've been lusting for one for ages! A-G-E-S!! (but the price tag is in the 5-digits so I guess I'll just keep on dreaming for now!)