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J Marcus

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Mar 23, 2008
About a year and a half ago, a lady walked into the shop with a loose abalone pearl that her husband had found years ago, diving for abalone in California. She wanted us to set it for her and we designed an 18K slide for it with three diamonds gypsy set into the surface which was then bead blasted. I thought it came out very nicely. Please excuse the photo--I had to shoot it under less than ideal conditions.


J Marcus


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That is a really lovely design!

It looks very smooth and comfortable to wear - Thank you for sharing with us.
Hi J Marcus,

Oh Yes, That brushed (bead blasted) finish is lovely! I like how the shape follows the pearl itself. Bet the lucky owner gets tons of compliments! About what size is it?

so many pearls, so little time
If I remember correctly it was about 1.5+" overall. The pearl was about 1.25" (32mm) give or take a little. It was an exceptionally light color--sort of a whitish silver. We liked the design enough that we made one with a black Tahitian mabe' along the same lines to put in the store.


J Marcus
Do you have a photo of the black mabe'? That sounds yummy also!
I do admit I probably would use colored gems over diamonds, but that is just me!;)

so many pearls, so little time