Second chance pearls


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Dec 8, 2014
This Pearl strand was covered in gunk when I first saw it,the clasp was so dirty you couldn’t see the individual pearls in the settingThe silk was stretched and had frayed completely from the clasp.Now cleaned and restrung I love them to bits.The clasp is marked for 9 ct gold,dated for 1886,and has a London makers mark. 1C17C455-23EC-485F-86B0-AAE6C83AEFEF.jpg1C17C455-23EC-485F-86B0-AAE6C83AEFEF.jpg
Wow! Very nice! And the brooch/clasp has what I believe to be natural Cortez pearls!
The orient and luster on the golden Akoyas (I believe these are Akoya) is absolutely great. This is a fantastic find Barbara! Congratulations :D
Wowza!!!! Can we get a neck shot. Those are gorgeous. And I love the clasp.
With what I assume is a full hallmark on the clasp you should be able to identify the actual maker - every gold or silversmith has a unique mark - mine is my initials in a cartouche shape. Which Assay Office has marked the piece?
Just wonderful in every way. I’d love to know about the hallmark, too. That’s one of the good things about antique and vintage precious metal jewelry of British provenance: being able to get so much reliable info from the hallmark. Enjoy them and wear them in good health!
Thanks so much for your positive comments,The makers mark is H@SL,and I’ve tried all the British hall marking sites but can’t trace it.I will try and download som more pics if I can find out how..( I’m new at this lark) The folks that restrung the strands( Gift pearls in Nairn Scotland who are amazing!) phoned me and asked if I had ever had them examined as they thought they were” pretty special” but as I’m not interested in price,and couldn’t afford to insure them if they were “special” I will just enjoy them,and be happy that you can see their value,and not wo
That can't be a victorian makers mark can it? @is a modern phenomenon (I could be wrong).
Can you do some sharp close ups of the markings?
That's incredible! I'm mad for victorian starbursts! The pearls are wonderful and the clasp is fabulous!
Pearlescence is right about the @ icon,I miss typed,it should have been”&” which the Romans first used.I’ve endeavoured to add a photo of the clasp.If it’s not worked,sorry for the indecipherable set of numbers....image.jpg


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Great pics!
Did you try the UV test on the pearls found on the clasp? The colors are amazingly Cortez...would love to see if they fluoresce in pink-red :)
Clearer. The last stamp could be a London Assay leopard head and then next to it a date stamp. You need to go to the website and look up A (?) in exactly that shape.
But way back when the level of fineness was marked with different symbols, not 375, which is quite recent.
Have you tried backing the camera up a bit, taking the picture, then enlarging the image? Sometimes playing with distances and cropping can make a world of difference.
(I make sincerest apologies, if I’m giving advice to a professional photographer:eek:)
Sincerely beautiful capture of the pearls! I’m enjoying each and every pearl.
Oh dear,I thought I’d sent a message which is flying about the ether,so here we go again.I haven’t got aUV light,so will have to beg or borrow one to find out if my little pearls glow red or orange.Pearlescence,looking through my loupe the letter looks more like a lower case h,and the dates that match for English marks are1863,which you said is too early,then1903,possible?) and 1923,which looks a too angular font.I candled a few pearls from each strand,and there isn’t a clear demarcation line between the bead and the nacre,which seems to point to the fact they could be early cultured pearls who had a lovely long life in their oyster before landing in this necklace!image.jpg the image I hope I have downloaded I took in artificial light,all the other images on this thread were taken in natural light.This is the first time I’ve ever taken phots on my I pad,so delighted that cam through!
Incredible, you got those images with an iPad? Well done! All said and done, that’s a large, sort of unwieldy tool, and you got some great results!!!!
It’s a new iPad as my last one got dementia and ran out of memory.It terrifies the wits out of me,sends me indecipherable messages( what is cut and paste?) and even had the audacity to tell me to refresh my widgets! I did t know I had any,let alone that they needed refreshing.Pearls are far more restful...
Oh, Amen to that! Terrifying.

I tried to print out something at the library yesterday, had to change psswds, it was like trying to get into Fort Knox. Now, today, google says my phone is ‘new’ and I need to finish setting it up! And this is Apple, a real intuitive gizmo, a phone I’ve had for 2yrs, and been able to use. I feel like I’ve lost 50% of my IQ, in less than 24hrs.

and, I hate my new password. I only like my old ones, but they get rejected - no recycling! It’s for your own good! Yes, yes, yes.

cut and paste has been my nemesis Forever!!!! Everyone says it’s simple, just need to practice, and I believe it - But.
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