Seasonal pearl style?


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Jun 22, 2013
Today is the first day this year that actually feels like fall (humidity, begone!!), which obviously got me thinking about fall outfits. I know a lot of you ladies prefer not to wear pearls when it's too hot, and in colder weather we may need to accommodate scarves etc. How does your pearl style change with the weather? I know I tend to stop wearing bracelets once we get into bundling-up weather, since they tend not to show that much anyway.
My Mom and I both had Summer jewelry and Winter jewelry. My summer pearls tend to be smaller, lighter, and on chains. But not always. My winter pearls tend to be lots of ropes, layered on. But I'm in Florida, so Winter for me is nice weather for everyone else, and Summer is humid and hot. The layers of ropes are worn instead of scarves. They are warm on the neck.
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I don't wear my pearls in summer. It's too hot, it's too sticky, and my clothes tend to be much more casual. In fall and winter I'm back to suits at work and live in my pearls all season. Then it's back to simple gold earrings and no necklace for the most part all summer.
i wear my pearls year round. I do find I gravitate to certain general categories based on seasons, and what activities occur in those seasons for us. Lighter, more durable, simpler pearls in the summer, although not necessarily smaller ... for example my pteria penguins get a lot of play in the summer, simple strand, big on impact but relatively light weight, easy to wear, looks great with anything so travels well ... Cold weather here sees me in a lot more substantial ropes, ie. Tahitians, as they stand up to heavier sweaters without getting lost. Favorites like V. Akoyas, SOC fairy queen necklace, new keshi Y necklace ... anytime, anywhere :)
I love hearing everyone's thoughts! I haven't figured out my winter pearl style yet. I do know that I worry about losing them in the mess of bundling up and then un-bundling, so earrings always make me nervous in the winter. I wore my long Tahitian/akoya keshi strand today with a coat (it was in the 30s, frost on the car!!) and I felt like I kept tugging on it - I might start tucking it under my shirt before I bundle up in the mornings to avoid any awkward pulling.
I agree Battah ( wow the cold weather hit early didn't it ) think that it's best to avoid hooks during the winter when you wear wool scarves etc. Its really easy to have a collar or scarf push the hook out . I think that Leverbacks would be a good solution - they are pretty secure.

And long necklaces/ropes do seem to get pulled and tugged on more with coats etc
If using Lady_Disdain terminology, we have 360 days of dry sauna here)) and about 5 days a year when it sort of rains or tries to rain. So I assume I have only summer pearl collection))

I used to wear strands only to the office (air-con!) and now only in the evenings, while with casual clothes in daytime I wear earrings, anklets, pendants and rings. I sometimes wish we had colder weather, but then pearls would be covered with jackets and coats, right? And in our weather they are permanently exposed :)
Katbran, it didn't come early this year so much as suddenly! Two days ago we had temps in the mid-80s, and for the past couple of days our morning temps have been in the 30s. It's usually cool here by this time of year, but October weather can be unpredictable.

Leverbacks are a good idea!
Battah- I have a good friend who is in NYC for a 3 week break..I told her..the weather will be lovely .. cool and the trees turning.. so she and her son booked a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Weather had been great....the day of the game it was freezing cold..they were at the very top of the stadium with just the wire behind so no wind break. lol For folks from a desert state it was a bit of a shock. They left half way through..
You are right of course..the weather can be unpredictable in October but I thought they'd be ok in the first few weeks.... oops
Well, for me it's always Tahitian season.

Yesterday, I must have had over 1,000 monarch butterflies in my front flower beds full of annuals (which are still blooming like crazy). I have never seen that many at one time! It was literally a swarm. They are absolutely beautiful, and very fall like in their color. Of course I didn't have my phone with me to take a photo...maybe they'll be back today?
Hello ladies! I've been enjoying your site, photos, and pearl knowledge for a bit now! I'm from Miami, and last week i couldn't resist the Tahitian sale at PP, and made my first dive for a Tahitian necklace! They say next week we will have some sort of a cold front, and I'm looking forward to wear these babies for the first time! Here's a picture from their website. IMG_5713.jpg
I still tend to wear pendant/earring combinations no matter what the weather, but I'm definitely working in my two multi ropes.

Lilpearl, that is a great necklace. You are going to love it. :)
Congrats on your first T strand, Lilpearl!

I also wear pendants a lot in the summer due to the heat and my personal sweating. I wear ropes in the winter and also in the summer, when I am indoors most of the time.
Congrats, Lilpearl, that's lovely!

Katbran, that's some crummy luck with the weather! This time of year you never know what you're getting. And even in the same day, there's often a 30 degree difference in temp between the morning and the afternoon. Layers, layers, layers!
In Sydney the winter tend to be mild, spring is humid n hot and the summer tend to be long n harsh, autumn is humid n hot as well. In winter Im wearing scarf and long sleeves, so if I wear pearls inside there it wont be visible anyway. Mainly just wear long dangly earrings n loads of rings.
Spring n summer r long. I like it that way. Can wear nice little dresses with neck n arms exposes. More space to wear pearls. Just slather pearls on there with all sort of colors n sizes in necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings etc.
Now tho..Im worried after reading other members vomments about summer and heat. So..its not good wearing pearls in the summer? It can damage them? Australian summer is blazing hot! N I like to go outdoor...