Rothschild American Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace


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Aug 12, 2004

There are, as you might expect, lots of diamonds and pearls in among those thousands: Look out, in particular, for the ?Rothschild American Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace.?? Its pearls, found naturally in only one out of every 10,000 mussels, were carefully selected over 10 years by the gem expert and dealer Meyer D. Rothschild for a necklace he gave to his wife, Edith.

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I have never seen one perfectly round American Freshwater pearl....A whole necklace of them only a Rothschild could do.!!!!!!!!!! !
I thought it was interesting as well, how come we haven't heard more about this necklace?
Private collectors. We rarely get glimpses of the top pearls. sometimes when something sells, like mrs. Dodge's necklace. Remember that?
I'm giving this thread a bump so it's easy to find - were we looking for all significant pearls for the new thread, or only significant saltwater pearls?

I think these qualify as significant, but they need to be re-photographed using (nose-in-the-air) Our Standards (wink).
It was a thread on significant pearls at auction, I think. Thanks for giving it a bump - gorgeous!
Hello fellow pearl people. This necklace has been sold to a Museum (name withheld for the time) and will hopefully be available for viewing on a future date….
This is GOOD NEWS!