Rio has Galatea pearls on sale

Thanks Katbran :) Here's the "Acorns" Pearl Paradise necklace photo I promised KaySD. I don't have a glamour shot of this piece, and I found it very hard to capture; this does in no way do it justice. It's 18" plus I had a 2" extender added, and there are drop earrings to match. The Acorn pearls are modest in size, and at first appearance the overall look of the necklace is black pearls on incredibly sparkly black spinels. The pearls are quite dark, but when you put it on with a black top, bright rainbow colors of teal, green and even a bit of burgundy suddenly pop ... the bottom center charm pearl has a very vibrant green teal bottom. Anyway, apologies for the bad photo of a really very nice necklace ... should be good enough to give KaySD ideas :) I bought this one on a whim, during one of the clearance sales, and I'd say it's a "sleeper" design, and I'd buy it again :) Good travel piece too, as it looks good with lots of tops, dresses down or way up, and packs up in a little pouch.

Pteria Penguin

I need a self-help program to stop using smiley faces, sigh ...
Very pretty CathyKeshi, I like the acorns and your drop shape pearl more than the rounds on Rio.
Aw, thanks ladies! I love my Leaf pendant, but all credit goes to the very clever person at PP who found the coordinating pearls to make it so magical. I really wish I could capture a better photo of the "Acorn" necklace and earrings ... it's SO much prettier in person, sigh. NOT trying to discourage anyone from trying Rio ... I still think some clever and cute things could be done with those. I was thinking white FW carved pearl stations along a short (or rope), with some tiny clear faceted zircons I have ... the zircons have some golden "needle" inclusions in I think would be pretty for summer! I'm on pearl parole till after (or during ...) our upcoming vacation. Whew, I made an entire post without a single smiley face ... but my fingers are twitching ...
I just have to say I love it!