Revisiting Carved Pearls - Kojima Pearl

It wasn't so very long ago that carving of pearls was considered scandalous. Galatea's lovely gem nucleated pearls were, at first, as shocking as they were beautiful. The idea of stripping away nacre was definitely not mainstream then, and while it is still outside of the norm, it is no longer thought of as desecration.

Consider these intricate Tahitian pearl carvings, usually only done to save flawed cultured pearls for tourist trinkets, but done in larger amounts during the downturn of the economy. These pearls were carved more for beauty's sake.

Here are a few of the special pearls scooped up by Kojima Pearl in 2010. Note that the pink color is a reflection.

carved duo Tahitians - Kojima

carved trio Tahitians - Kojima

See the shaded Kojima strand in the JCK article here.

You can visit Kojima Pearl at their website.

Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
Pearl Guide News