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Reputable sellers on eBay

Kathleen Conway

Pearls, passionately
Nov 25, 2006
Hi all,
Since EBay world is fraught, thought I'd share a tool that has helped me separate who's naughty and nice: www.toolhaus.org.

This search tool pulls up all the neg feedback. I've eliminated sellers who misrepresent size and quality; I will consider those who have not shipped immediately- and remember, some buyers are not so nice either.

I would appreciate hearing if you've found any sellers you think are great in terms of quality and honesty.

Price is a whole other issue- one person's bargain is another's budget-breaker.


Well-known member
Dec 11, 2004
Thanks Kathleen
This is very useful. It is a great idea and it is amazing no one has posted it before, so GOOD JOB!