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While the diamond encrusted part is 950 platinum, the clip part (tongue/insert) is 14k white gold, no doubt for ease of fabrication and strength,
(or maybe it was a bought-in finding?).

Wow! Beautiful, great find and hope they bring hours of happy wearing.

Perhaps the original clip part broke and they replaced it with 14k white gold?
Some years ago white gold was often used for the insert part of clasps on high end jewelry as it was considered somewhat stronger and more resilient than yellow gold. Platinum may not have the ability to spring back to shape the same as gold when used in a clasp; I'm just guessing on this one.
Hi Paul, great going. You are amazing.

The cool change did come through with a storm and loads of rain. It was such a relief. We were nearly out of water and expected to have to spend $300 or $400 and maybe more but the rain really came down heavy and nearly filled our water tanks. Some areas of Adelaide were flooded because of it.

Plus the rain helped put out a fire in the Flinders Ranges that has been raging for over a month. Saved many towns from the fires that were drawing close.

Nearly out of water - blimey, bit different here in the UK. We've had our wettest winter for 268 years, apparently, and if it's not rained every single day since October, then I've missed a couple. February this far north is always a bit miserable, feels as if it's been dark and gloomy forever, but this winter with a non-stop progression of cyclonic warm, wet Atlantic storms, we've all forgotten what sunshine is, really!

Some parts of the UK are really, really badly flooded - villages and towns in Somerset have, in some cases, been cut off by floods since before Christmas, the main railway line between London and the far south-west got washed out in west Devon, and is still weeks away from being mended:


Harbour walls and sea defences smashed, roads missing, beaches just gone - it's messy.


Even where there aren't actually floods, every field, ditch and garden is like a marsh, you tread on it and water squelches out.

As well as rain, we've had major Atlantic-based storms, knocking great chunks of rock over, for example:


My brother and son were playing football outside over the Christmas / New Year break, in the bog previously known as "the back garden", and the day they practised goalkeeping moves, my mother made them both strip next to the washing machine, rather than drag any more mud into the house. My 8 year old thought it was hysterical to see his 6 ft 3 28 year old uncle being treated in the same way as himself (-: