Reena Ahluwalia - De Beers Diamonds International Award

And that isn't all.... the shoulder drape (is it a peacock feather's eye?) is something else entirely. :cool: Perhaps in pearls, one day...

Is Reena making her own pieces?

How on Earth does one get such things made for a show? I mean, it is hard enough for a fashion designer to come up with the fabrics, let alone a bucket of diamonds and what seems fairly uncommon benchwork!

How about posting here a bit? ;)
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A trend, by any chance?


From an IHT slideshow: Zaha Hadid at the London Jewellery Week
Considering this last piece,

I wonder whether one could propose to wear it casually for a week (at work, 'round the city, possibly in an emergency ward too - or wherever it may be confused funnily with some customized medical brace :p) get filmed with a hidden camera and sell the recording :rolleyes: It seems only reasonable to get paid to wear such a thing... before it ends up on a pedestal, somewhere...

If the applicant can offer interesting exposure for the piece (i.e. not the usual artsy, fashion jaded crowd with default access), 'can't see why not. (hopefully someone sells good unemployment insurance out there - LOL!
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That necklace is stunning. The gold alone weighs 886.5 grams (1.95 lb. )

A 2 pound necklace...whew.
The only time I've ever seen that weight on a jewelry piece was when a local/aspiring rap-hip hop artist brought in long 14kt and 10kt chains of irradiated black and irradiated yellow diamonds to have a huge yellow diamond lion head pendant repaired. I thought the chains were in two pieces or 3 pieces, they were one jewelry piece hinged in the back and super heavy :rolleyes:

That necklace is stunning. The gold alone weighs 886.5 grams (1.95 lb. )

A 2 pound necklace...whew.
At least the necklace has a counter weight in the back. It looks neat, but also keeps the weight of the necklace off the back of the neck.

And thanks for the tiara pron (sic).
Floridapearl, there is no picture on post 25, just links. Did you try clicking the links?
Floridapearl, you have to click on the name of the necklace. It's a link that will take you to the website with all the photos.
I don't see the name of the necklace. There is a little placeholder but no link... oh well...but thanks anyway...