Red Carpet Ready

More colorful collections:

IMG_0727.JPGGorgeous, root beer float and lemon sherbet! One of each, please.
ALL the pearl and diamond jewelry designs on the Digo Valenza website made me ooh and aah! Absolutely gorgeous!
Ear Climber?

Lupita 2.jpg

Lupita 3jpg.jpg

LUPITA 1.jpg
The placement of the pearls bothers me. It just makes me feel like the ear piercer didn't know how to center her holes, even though I know that's not how these earrings are set.
Glenn Close was wearing an amazing pair of Tanzanite (or sapphire) earrings tonight on Stephen Colbert

GC on SC.jpg

and I was trying to determine the designer...I remembered she wore an amazing pair of Tanzanite Earrings at the 2019 Critics Choice Awards by Brazilian designer Ana Khouri. I don't know yet if tonight's earrings are by the same designer (stay tuned...maybe).

If curious, Ana has very interesting pearl jewelry:

Pearl Cuff Bracelet.jpg
Mirian' bracelet.





Liberty Ross wearing Ana Khouri on 2016 Red Carpet
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Hum? I'm not wild about prongs around pearls. Well, I'm not wild about prongs in general. I have most of my stones reset in bezel settings because prongs snag yarn.

But I tend to get a bit squicked out by earrings that look like they are trying to crawl into my ear hole.
Exactly how I feel, I really enjoy seeing designers be creative with pearls and squashing the stigma that pearls are matronly or reserved only for formal occasions. The more creative or experimental the designer is willing to be with different pearl types, I think this helps to expose more people to the idea pearls aren't just unfashionable little round white beads. That is also why I like sharing the images I come across that aren't just strands of pearls or plain studs (and there is nothing wrong with those either hence the vintage thread I post to;)), when I speak with new/young designers I often ask them to consider using pearls in new imaginative ways.

There is a white gold double ring within a ring with a pearl in the center and I am so obsessed with it because it just seems so futuristic and cool.

Even if the pearl piece isn't something I'd want to wear, I'm happy to see designers continue to be inspired by pearls.
Oh I agree. I was just imagining myself wearing those pieces.
B- you have your own style which is classy and your new car is evidence of that, btw!

Oh I agree. I was just imagining myself wearing those pieces.