Real men can


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Aug 18, 2007
..wear pearls. And of course real boys can too - Here's my two years old grandson wearing his new Tahtian pearl bracelet while engrossed in a book. leo bra cele   t 1.JPG
So cute, and smart to start him young! He doesn't yet realize how lucky he is having the Grandma he has...
Aw, your precious little man can start a new trend at pre-school!
My darling 8 year old thinks it's a great shame that men no longer wear lots of jewellery, and swipes mine whenever he can. After all, Sir Francis Drake wore pearl earrings, and no-one ever thought he wasn't a real man while he was sailing round the world and defeating the Spanish Armada!

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Amanda, he wins the "Queen Mary" style of wearing a rope, for sure. Cute as a button!
Amanda, he could be a rock star. Then he can wear all the jewelry he wants to and set a trend :)

- Karin
What a handsome group of young men! I hope they fall in love with pearls and buy pearls for the ones they fall in love with!
I got a lovely freshwater pearl to set for a pendant for Mothering Sunday the day before yesterday - does that count? Even if Isaac did have a wee bit of assistance in choosing and acquiring?