Please help me identify this pearl strand from my mother


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Dec 28, 2016
Hello everyone :)

This is only my 3rd post, but I've been a pearl lover since I was young. I did a project on birthstones when I was in grade 6 (I'm almost 30 now), and pearls were always my favourite--and they happen to be my birthstone too.

My mom had this beautiful pearl strand that is decades old. It's probably older than I am. She purchased it during a jewelry store closeout in Hong Kong, but never wore it and always kept it in the safety deposit box. We were going through some of the items at the bank together one day and I found this necklace, and years later I asked to wear it on my wedding day in 2012 (I'm not a traditional person but it was to be my "something borrowed"). My mom ended up gifting it to me as a wedding present.

It has a 14K gold clasp and my jewelry appraisal says the size of the pearls are 7mm. They have more of a rosy overtone in real life, but it's hard to capture it on camera.

Do you think these are freshwater, or Akoya?

Thanks in advance!



Lovely. The very round shape and sharper luster are clues. When you photograph pearls, laying them on a white matte background helps the subtle colors show. They are beautiful pearls. Glad you found the forum.
Those are really lovely akoyas, Karman ... welcome to the forum :)
Welcome! They do look like a nice strand of akoyas. Congrats!
What a gorgeous necklace! They look like akoyas to me too - so round and lustrous!
Karman, High quality Akoya pearls, love your story, too! Please keep them out of the safe deposit box as that can be a rather dry environment, not best for pearls.

Pearls have been out since our wedding in 2012 :D. They are now in my home safe which is basically a locked tethered briefcase, not the heavy duty kind. Thanks for the tip!