Pearls that will suit a pale, pink complexion


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Jan 20, 2021
I'm new to the pearl community but finding it all so fascinating and hope newbie questions aren't too annoying here.

I suspect there's no one right answer to this question, but supposing I were to buy a classic white strand, what type of pearl should I look for to make sure it flatters my pinkish pale skin? I bought a lovely pearl necklace for my mom a few years ago that looked wonderful on her, but when I tried it on, it made me look rather sickly.
Hello CroqueMadame :) and Welcome to our pearl lovin' forum!
Our experts will hopefully be able to offer great suggestions for you.
Mine? Black/Dark pearls look fetching on pale skin!
First off, NOT an expert here, but it is a fun question, figuring out what direction to go with necklaces. It might be helpful to know about the rest of your coloring, hair and eyes. Do you have an idea what size pearls you'd like?
Please tell us more of your vision, Croquemadame!
I find it best to order a couple of necklaces in different colors and send back the ones that don't sing to me. And don't look at them in the box. You have to see them against your skin. They completely change next to skin.
I am pale, with a neutral undertone. I can wear most pearls, but find that pink and peach pearls don't really suit me. The pearls that always looks good however is tahitians. This is of course no help at all, my favorite white strand is a south sea strand that I got from Cees. It has a slightly silvery overtone. Many other white pearls looks yellow next to them. They are great with my pale complexion. I usually avoids pinked pearls, simply because pink isn't exactly my favorite color. With your pale and pink complexion this might be to similar. I would try out some natural white or ivory akoyas or a south sea strand first. It would be great if you could try some on. I hope that you find the perfect pearls for you and welcome to the forum.
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Newbies and newbie questions are always welcome here, and many times those of us who’ve been here years, still have ‘newbie’ gaps (me).

Also, the Search bar at the upper right of this page with a green magnifying glass gets a regular workout, very handy.

a suggestion I remembered from an old post - if you’re too shy to go to a jeweler to try things out like color and size, a craft store with beads of different shades might be a way to break the ice. Drape different shades over the inside of your wrist, squint your eyes and see which shades pop, and which disappear. Probably don’t bother with the ones that disappear, for your first white necklace.

The reason I say Probably that is because eventually we seem to fall in love with many different colors and kinds of pearls, so we make room for everything. But, in case you stop with just one, you want it to be one that you feel gorgeous in, not one that fades away.
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Also, at the bottom of this page there’s a section called Similar Threads. It’s very helpful, and actually pretty fun to meander around in older threads.
That is a great suggestion from Lisa C.
And just like Charlotta said: Tahitians (blacks) are always great on fair colored skin.
I agree with Pattye: Yes, we do need more input from CroqueMadame...what are you looking for? The vision :)

Forum members: What do you think of Golden pearls on a light colored skin? I'm writing a bit on this subject and I would like your opinion :) and it might help CroqueMadame as well!

Have a blessed weekend :cool:
Welcome, croquemadame! Newbies and new questions are always okay here; we all have them; even those who have been here a while. The pearl world is always changing. I look forward to hearing more about your coloring and wishes re. pearl colors; that can help a lot. My pale, pinkish coloring goes with hazel eyes and light brown into blonde hair. Yours may be very different, and that really affects pearl colors. We love to help :)
Douglas, I have pretty light colored skin, and ... golden pearls ;). At first, I admit I didn't care for them on me, and Hisano advised a mixed strand of gold and white SS for my coloring. Walter took that hint to heart LOL, and it was good advice. I have since added goldens on their own, and found a medium bright/dark gold looked okay, some other shades of gold not so much. But also, the length of the pearls and clothing worn tremendously influence what works as the pearls reflect clothing colors versus skin color. A strand at my throat is far different from one that rests on clothing. I think there are goldens for anyone. Hmmmm ... that wasn't very helpful, was it lol ....
CortezPearls, I struggled with golden south seas a lot, before I bought more than a pendant that is. For me, what worked was almost any color as long as there was some green overtones. Well at least not a rose overtone. Even my deep golden south sea strand has a greenish tone to them. As CathyKeshi said, a mixed white and golden strand always works. Or adding another white or ivory strand, akoyas or south seas, jumbled with the golden strand. I have fairly neutral pale skin, probably more difficult if one would have a pink pale skin I think.
croquemadame, I suggest you look for white pearls with a silver or neutral undertone. Pearls that have a rose undertone may disappear against your skin, and cream colored pearls probably won't look the best, either.

Douglas, my daughter's skin is more fair than mine. Here are 2 photos of her wearing GSS pearls-- the first strand, which is lighter toned, is hers and the second strand is mine. I think they both suit her skin.

Her lighter strand:
my daughter wearing her golden SS pearls.jpeg

My darker strand:
my GSS necklace on my daughter's fair skin.jpeg
Thanks Charlotta and Pattye...I'll pass that along to her. :)

She was never interested in pearls until I got my GSS. She fell in love with them, so I got her a strand of her own, since I'm not ready to part with mine! And I got her stud earrings to match.
She looks wonderful! I must say, your Goldens turned my brain around, too. I didn’t think Goldens worked with pale skin, until I saw Newberry’s harvest strand and your Goldens.

The long and winding road...

Hey, your daughter’s strand is knotted, but are those bumpers in your strand, PD?
Yes, Lisa-- it's strung on wire with silicone bumpers and a hidden clasp. It's really comfortable. Sometimes clasps tickle my neck, but this is so easy to wear.
Thak you CathyKeshi, Charlotta and Pearl Dreams :) very helful!
And I have seen golden pearl galore on dark/tanned-skins and they look superb...but from what I can see (your daughter makes a great model Pearl Dreams) I can see that they just work on ANY skin, and as you state: the green overtones will help in offering greater contrast. Thumbs up!

CathyKeshi: I remember that beautiful mixed strand! Hisano gave you a great suggestion :)

Thank you again!