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Pearl Source opinion


New Member
Apr 30, 2012
A few months ago I purchased 2 pairs of 7mm Lavender stud earrings (AAA grade as described on their website) and I got a second email asking me to write my review. I wanted to be honest, and I am not sure that they will post what I have written so I thought I would post it here just in case anyone else was interested to know. I wrote:

The earrings were quite nice, although a bit smaller than what I was expecting, more Lavender than Pink, and the luster of one earring in one pair is a bit less than the other. I do have to say that I was a bit dismayed to find that I spent AU$99 on each pair (retail value of AU$183) with only AAA grading, when I found that on Pearl Paradise, for the absolute best "Freshadama" (better than AAAA on Pearl Source), 7.5-8mm Lavender pearl earrings were selling for US$76 (retail value of $380). In fact, all of the stud earrings on Pearl Paradise of at least AAA value (which the descriptive value equates to AAAA on Pearl source) were less expensive.

So just a note to all pearl consumers out there, make sure you read the grading systems carefully on each site - a mistake I won't make again!!!! (I purchased 2 pearl necklaces from Pearl source last year which were marked AAA, unfortunately, when comparing their description of AAA and Pearl Paradise's description of AAA, I realized I actually had two AA+ necklaces for a more expensive price, which would explain all of the blemishes I found, especially on the multicolor one. I won't be buying from Pearl Source again unless they re-evaluate their grading system and prices to match their competitors!

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Jun 28, 2009
Oh, bummer. I guess it's too late to return them?

Joyful Grow

Community member
Apr 18, 2012
Hi, every shop has its own criteria. that confuse consumer so much.
but, remember, good pearl has metallic effect, what is looked like a small mirror, you can see your face from its appearance. reflect light strongly.
the surface is almost perfect, smooth. could not find pit, circle, ripple, scrape...
shape, round one, in generally, more expensive. but someones like other shape more.