Pearl Farm Security


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Jan 17, 2021
Hello Everyone!

I am new to the forum and this is my first post, so forgive me if I may have some misconceptions. I am looking to establish a farm in my country, Iran. I can do either a Freshwater farm in my hometown or a Saltwater business in the Persian Gulf area. But my main concern for doing either is the security. How can I keep the thieves away from my oysters? This is specially true for the Saltwater pearls which are more valuable and may attract armed robbers.

Any advice or correction of my misconceptions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Mohammad, I have been to Iran a very long time ago and was impressed by the beauty and friendlyness of the people and also the food.

A pearlfarm is not an easy enterprise and profits often are thin.

With all sanctions against Iran you might find it difficult also to find a market.

You need for sure Japanese technicians to run a farm
Hello Mohammad, and welcome to our Pearl Loving forum :)
Iran! Have some friends that came from there and they always tell me of the beauty of Persia. Glad to have you aboard.
Security issues are REAL. In Philippines they had problems with PIRATES back at the start of this Century, but the pearl farmers asked the government to act against them and the problem is -I believe- resolved. You would either need a private security firm or State-backed security (police, military)...but let me tell you this: what do the people in your area think about pearls? Do they believe that if they have one they will become rich? If so, this might be an issue, but if no it will make your life easier.
You can -concurrently- start with an education outreach program for the local communities so they understand that this will bring jobs and that they will not become rich by harvesting the pearls.
But you need do understand your people first and imagine their reaction to a new industry.
Hope this helps!
Most farmers that have farms in areas susceptible to theft will have searchlights, security stationed 24 hours (or at the very least at night after day workers have left) and also possibly cameras. Doesn't guarantee that nothing will be stolen but reduces the potential. I'd be tempted to focus on saltwater as the freshwater markets is very competitive and India is slowly building its industry too.
The Indonesian South sea farm I worked at a few years ago had all the infrastructure for all that (at sea watch stations etc) but they didn't bother.