Pearl Bracelet Poll


May 1, 2021
Hi everyone! I’d like to take a poll from all you wonderful Pearl People - what are your thoughts on pearl bracelets? Given the relative fragility of pearls, do you feel confident wearing them for more than just fancy occasions? Would high quality pearls be better “invested” into a necklace or earrings? Have you seen any wear and tear in your pearl bracelets?

I love that bracelets (and rings, for that matter) are so much more for the wearer than other jewelry. They’re right there in the line of sight!

I’m a new member, so I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere.
Click image for larger version  Name:	BE4AF4FE-C74A-47B6-9C96-231487525A1C.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	324.9 KB ID:	452975 Hi KeshiFan, that’s where I love pearls best, on my wrist. I like to twine a necklace around itself on my wrist... (or “forearm, Barbara, forearm”). I find they hold up ok.

I haven’t seen a lot of scratching or other damage with the CFW, solid nacre. With the bead-seeded (akoya, WSS or GSS, or Tahitian) if there’s a chip, the chip might get more chipped, but that happened with a necklace, not bracelet.
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I wear bracelets everywhere including to work, but I am a banker so I'm definitely not doing too much damage by wearing them. Like you said, bracelets and rings are for the wearer and I like to gaze often. If they were lesser quality then I likely wouldn't want to wear them as often.
Douglas, would you help, pls? I accidentally tapped another members picture of a necklace, I didn’t mean to. Could you take it down for me?
Hey lisa-c, those are beautiful pearls! Are they necklace length that you’ve wrapped around your wrist?

That’s a great point, lary007, I support wearing bracelets that bring one joy. BRB while I buy ALL the Tahitian bracelets!!!
I’m all for pearl bracelets. I’m not that worried too much on the fragility of the pearls, but more the findings/stringing materials. There’s more movement in a bracelet and so the re-stringing should probably be done more often and French wire checked on a regular basis.
Common sense should come into it a lot...don’t play tennis with a bracelet strung on elastic, don’t change an engine in your car wearing a pearl bracelet, don’t lift weights with rings on etc etc
I’m another person who wants to see my pearls when I’m wearing them! (Long necklaces can be good for this, too!) I keep a little jewelry minder/ring holder in my kitchen so I can take off a bracelet when doing chores, and then put it back on. I like my bracelets with toggle clasps, because they are secure enough for indoor wear, but can be taken off and put back on very easily. (I have never had a toggle clasp fail.) Bracelets with orbit clasps are easy to put on and take off, too, but the orbits are little less robust than the toggles.

Like lisac, I also wear necklaces wrapped around my wrist.

I hope you enjoy wearing ALL the bracelets. I love a good bracelet stack, myself!


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What a fun conversation, and thank you Jeremy! :notworthy:
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I love pearl bracelets! I've seen some Kamoka single pearl bracelets that I personally find very attractive. And you would have to check the bracelet every so often of course, since many bracelets are made with leather strips, silk or other materials (both natural and plastic-based) so you would have to check on the material every so often, just to make sure you don't run into a problem...but my wife's silk-thread bracelet has been holding on for years, that is a good thing :)
Welcome KeshiFan! I love to wear pearl bracelets too. My favorite are tin cup style ... pearls on wire wrapped chain. Withstands a quick bit of water better than thread, silk or leather ... and an easy on/easy off clasp. VERY favorite? A couple of tin cup keshi pearl bracelets worn as a stack ... I highly recommend :) And Hi Jeremy!
Hey multichrome, those are some seriously gorgeous pearls! I particularly love the Tahitian tin cup - circles are the best!

Douglas, I totally agree on the Kamoka single pearl bracelets - I am a proud owner of one myself and couldn’t recommend it enough. The leather is very soft, which I was not expecting.

Thanks for the welcome, Cathy! I see we’re of the same mind when it comes to keshis!
That Kamoka leather is so nice; an extra touch to beautiful pearls! The only pearl I've ever gotten my husband to wear is a very handsome big baroque Kamoka on a leather cord. Keshi pearls brought me here, KeshiFan :)
Ugh, Kamoka baroques are to die for, no matter the mounting. You gotta love the fluid shapes of baroques and keshis or any variety!
I am not a friend of the leather bracelets, sadly. I find it difficult to put them off and take them off and I have to take it off when I play guitar so no leaving it on for days.

- Karin
Another fan of pearl necklaces worn as bracelets here! I have often worn many of my necklaces this way for the last 5 years and so far havent noticed any demage to the pearls...
Necklaces as bracelets...just makes your necklace more playful and versatile! I applaud this :35::35:
I wear pearl bracelets. I have all sorts, freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian. I had a leather/Tahitian bracelet but the leather did not hold up over time. My only issue is the clasps, some are easier than others. My Tahitian bracelets have the same clasp as my strand, so I can add them for a longer necklace.
I love bracelets. Lately I have remade all my bracelets into stretch bracelets, mostly so that I can rinse them when I get home from work. I call them my corona bracelets, except for the latest ones that I call my Happy bracelets. The Happy bracelets are all made out of leftover pearls, that's why and also because they are quite happy looking. I am experimening with roo leather cord as well. Here's one photo of a Happy bracelet, the rest is in my tread.
Doesn't that carved apricot trumpet shell skull look happy or what.