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Paspaley Pearls


I recently went in a Paspaly boutique , just to look. The prices of their strands are outrageously expensive. A perfect round 10-12mm strand is around $40,000 ! The accessories and pendants etc. are double in prices compare to other retail stores.
Can someone tell me if their pearls are really that exceptional , that justify for them to price them so high?

One thing I like about their strand is the technique they string it. There is no knot between pearls, and the strand doesnt drape and moves as much as the silk thread ones, and the way they use the pearl as the clasp. Is this a unique technique for Paspaley only? I'd like to re string my strand like that, but have not been able to find a Jeweler to do it. I'm based in Australia.


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the clasp system is a system original made by german designer jorg heinz after his patent run out the rest of the world started claiming it but there is only one original one and thats by the german company we have been working with these for around 10 years and see more and more traditional jewelers move to this system

the price you pay is also name when you buy the nicest white south sea the chance they also cam from paspaley is quite big i also sometimes buy from hk dealers who buy there pearls from the auction so same thing however i can only guess they keep some of there nicest ones out the auction to use them selve

thats what i would do in there case ;)

with any brand product you buy you pay for the name but also for the service the guaranty and knowing what you buy is a good product the best south sea pearls are paspaley pearls. so when someone else sells super high quality white south sea pearls the chance your buying the same thing is indeed high


Pearl Scholar

Thanks for your report on the Paspaley pearls. I'd also love to know more about their pearl knotting technique, as I've heard it referred to as "invisible knotting." If restringing pearls previously done with traditional knotting, it would result in a noticeably shorter strand.

Blaire, or Jeremy, do either of you know the method of the "invisible knotting?"
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I think they bevel the edge of the holes slightly on the pearls to accommodate the knots. They are definitely knotted. I've watched them in action. It gives a wall-to-wall pearl effect. :)


As for the quality, they keep their best pearls for themselves. They have become so good at growing round South Sea pearls that they were not making as many baroques as there was demand back in 2007 when Jeremy and I were there. Their pearls are very good and purchasing them in a boutique is costly, but that is the couture experience. :)