Gem grade Paspaley pearls


Feb 4, 2024
Good day everyone,

I recently had the distinct privilege of viewing Paspaley's "gem" grade pearls.

Their business practice for perfect round loose pearls is as follows. For pearls measuring 15 millimeters or less, prices are set based solely on size, regardless of quality. This means that even if a pearl appears to be of higher quality, its price will remain consistent with other pearls of the same size. It's worth noting that all pearls showcased in their boutique represent the finest selections they reserve for themselves, while the remaining pearls are auctioned off.

Interestingly, they do not offer 16-millimeter pearls. However, pearls exceeding 17 millimeters are priced differently. In this case, pricing is determined by quality, size, and grading. For those seeking their gem-quality pearls, they may need to source them and potentially join a waitlist until stock becomes available. Additionally, pricing is influenced by the economic conditions on the day of harvest. As a reference, they previously sold a pair of 14-millimeter gem-grade pearl earrings for $40,000.

It's important to note that pricing increases exponentially based on size, grade, and the overall flawlessness of the pearl.

*I would like to note, the pearls shown to me (and the images provided) are examples of the type of luster, grade and clarity of pearls Paspaley quantifies as a gem quality pearl 17 mm and above. The 11.7 mm pearl is ideally what they are looking for.


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