Paspaley Pearl Blog?

How odd! The writing reminds me of one of those Non - English -Speaking automatic translations. Unusual from such a professional company. I wonder what the origin is.
Very does indeed read like something out of a translation program. it isn't a blog but a rambling few paragraphs on the basics. The website address is a .org which Paspaley definately is not. the contact us page is blank.
If it is Paspaley, what are they thinking? If it isn't..what are they doing?
Perhaps they've outsourced an SEO team to write additional online articles for ranking purposes.
Well it was only created on the 23rd and they have a private whois page, which seems unlikely if it was actually Paspaley. I'm guessing someone is just trying to get traffic from all the Paspaley related search terms. My prediction is it will soon have adsense or some other form of advertising on it.

Hey at least they dropped a link to in there!
Also, it seems they have confused THE Paspaley Pearl, a very rare and perfect pearl with the company's product. Not Paspaley at all.
Paspaley already knew about it and is doing something to take care of it. The nerve of the impostors is amazing!
The worst thing is that they don't even try to be original in anyway...the so called blog is just so... generic!