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I'm a new member to the forum and much more familiar with colored gems than pearls. This is probably a pretty basic question but one I don't seem to have found an answer to yet.

Is there a particular body color which displays orient more distinctly than others? Is there any discernible difference in orient between a white or rose or gold or lavender pearl of equal quality?

I'm pretty close to purchasing a set of Mr. Sheperd's "freshadama" pearls and am wondering from those with experience what "level" of orient I can expect on the different colors.

Of course I'm posting this question in the freshwater pearls forum because I'm a non-card-carrying member of the no pearl-plated beads club. It goes along with my membership in the no beryllium in my corundum club.

Thanks in advance!

Hi John,

Although I have only one strand of freshadamas yet (the original that sparked the name), my personal experience is that pastel lavender on the silver bluish side shows off the orient colors best. A rich cream will also be good but the body color swallows too much of the golden part of orient. I heard it through the grapevine that the next buying trip to Zhuji might bring us pearl aficionados some raw (unprocessed) freshadamas. You may want to save up for those.

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I would agree lavender freshwater pearls tend to show orient the best or at least its easiest to spot on a lavender pearl.
I also agree. It is my opinion that the dark lavender tends to show the orient much better. The light lavender in some light tends to wash out and the peach coloring sometimes can have a translucent look.

All in all if you want Freshwater pearls that have both the highest luster and orient - the darker lavender is a good choice.
It is important to note that the White and peach/pink can have orient as well. If you are looking for a more traditional strand, this is important to note because not everyone is a fan of the colored pearls. It is truly a personal preference!