On-line suppliers of Pearl drills?



Hi there,

Can anyone recommend a good supplier of Pearl drills?
I'm pariculary interested in suppliers with whom I can order online.
I've used Japanese spade end drills in the past but am open to suggestions
Anyone with any comments or recommendations??

pearl drill online

pearl drill online


We offer a pearl drill with a Chinese motor online at....


Alec Rupp-Smith
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Which is the better drill? The one from A&A in Los Angeles that was mentioned in another thread or this one from Aloha Pearls. Does anyone have experience with both of them? The A&A is more expensive by a few hundred.
The drill from A&A is superior. Although I have not purchased a drill from Aloha, I do own the same unit. They are available in most of the pearl markets around China for around 1000 rmb ($120). They do work, but they lack the same power as the A&A Japanese drill. I am not sure if the Aloha motor is really made in Japan as stated, either. The drill is from China, without question.
We use the Chinese drill for earrings and to widen holes mainly, simply because it does not have the power to drill through larger pearls. If you have relatively few jobs that require drilling, however, the inferior drill may be fine for you (it is a lot more quiet as well). But if you intend to drill strands of larger pearls like Tahitians, definitely get the one from A&A.