Ode à ma Mère

Love love love the photos of your dear mum wearing her pearls ! She looks so happy ! They do look like they were a bear to deal with though - those drill holes...ouch! I'm surprised they didn't saw through the thread with those edges! Better drills nowadays ! I love your photos..the lapis necklaces are gorgeous! ( i'm a sucker for Lapis)
I'm really enjoying this thread. I know I said it before but thanks again for sharing.
My new favorite combo. Mom's pearl circle pin, Mom's 6-6.5 mm akoya choker (which I'm going to call my birthday choker from now on), and my own ruby hearts with pearl drops, which Mom bought me as a gift for either birthday or Chanukah years ago.


The little pearls are so light to wear. No weight at all on the neck or ears.

It turns out that I now have 3 pearl chokers, all the exact same length (16"), so they don't stack well when worn together. The birthday choker (6-6.5 mm), Mom's 9 mm choker, and my 7-7.5 mm choker I bought myself (well, Mom took me to the jewelry show and introduced me to her pearl lady).

I have extra pearls for my choker, and I've lengthened it to 17" and 18" in the past. So, I think I'll restring my choker to 17". I also have my Aunt Love's 6-6.5 mm 18" strand of Blue Lagoon pearls which stacks nicely with the birthday choker. I think if I redo my choker I can get a triple strand look out of these. Updates to come. I also want to restring the birthday choker because I don't like the way the pearls are attached to the clasp with that little bead hooky thingy that hides the knot but always turns green.

I also tried layering the two lapis necklaces and the one with the big lapis beads just overpowers the Rice Krispie one. I'll post pics later.
Something new for today. Pearl ring with beautiful akoyas and tiny diamonds. It's very comfortable to wear.


I'm not sure I ever saw Mom wear it. It is very much a special occasion ring. Not practical for everyday wear. Mom worked retail in a western store. It's one of those rings she'd take out, try on, and put back in the jewelry box. I plan on wearing it to work. I'm a computer programmer. It won't get wear and tear in my job.

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I'm loving this look: your birthday choker, circle pin and ruby hearts with drops. Such delicate pearls and so beautiful together! I'd wear this in a heartbeat!

As an aside, I have that same sweater. I had it in blue too but think I returned it, silly me.

Can't see the most recent attachments yet...
How pretty! I love the idea of making the pearls different lengths to nestle together. I look forward to seeing them.
Very nice look today, BWeaves. The summery colors of your sweater are a nice compliment to your skin tones. And the bright white of your birthday strand really polish your look. well done!
You look glowing and lovely today, BWeaves. I always loved those earrings :)
BWeaves, I am really enjoying seeing your Mom's pearls. Thank you for sharing.

I love the "rice krispie" pearls with the dragon clasp and the circle pin!
I'm having problems with the attachments these last couple of weeks. I suspect it's the same problem with signing on. I've redone the attachments. Hopefully, they show up now.

I have this Boden sweater in both the blue/green and peach/pink combinations. It's a great Spring sweater.
Freshwater pearl bracelet. Mom had the diamond spacers added to it. They're not the greatest spacers, but they do the job.


My sister got the bigger bracelet. Two strands of gorgeous 7 mm akoyas with big circular diamond spacers. It's a long bracelet from when Mom was very heavy and had bigger wrists. My sister said it fit her better. It also had a tricky clasp. I don't have a photo of it. To be honest, I like the bracelet I got better. It reminds me of the tiny freshwater bracelet on the little h website.
Well, that photo makes the bracelet look more than double life size. It's actually quite petite.
BWeaves! Beautiful story! I'm undrestand this two years of an eweryday affraid and hope! Hugs! And of course Amazing pearls!
My mother gave me the stick pearls to make her a necklace. She added the clasp. The clasp is pretty. I'm not wild about the stick pearls. I added gold beads between the pearls before I knew you weren't supposed to use them. So far, they haven't discolored the pearls.


Here's the stick pearl necklace with the pearl bracelet and the mabe earrings.

Play time!

The two lapis necklaces don't really work together. The lapis bead one overpowers the Rice Krispies one.


Birthday choker, Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon 18", and my first rope. This gives a 100" rope look except I won't have to keep readjusting it. There's also a slight ombre' effect as my rope is pinked, the choker is white, and the Blue Lagoon strand is halfway between the two other necklaces, color wise.


Just the Birthday choker and Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon strand.


Awkward! I had to hold these in place with one hand and take the photo with the other. I needed a third hand. The Birthday choker and Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon strand, with my first choker held between them. I'd have to restring my first choker to 17" to get this look, but I think I'll do it because it's the only choker for which I have extra pearls.


The Birthday choker nestled inside Mom's 9 mm choker. I'd need a pearl shortener to make this work, because they don't lay exactly like this in real life. Or, I could shorten the Birthday choker by 2 or 3 pearls. I plan on restringing this necklace anyway, so I might just do that because I like this look.


Then I could restring my first choker to roughly 17" or whatever turns out to be the right length to look halfway between the Birthday and Blue Lagoon strands.

The problem with triples is, if I don't get the spacing between the necklaces just right, it drives me batty. If the spacing is intentionally off, like when I wear two shorts and a long, it's OK. But when they are nestled "just so," they better nestle "JUST SO," if you know what I mean and I think you do.
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Good fakes. Majorica "organic" pearls. Yeah, OK, they're not lying when they say they are man-made in the first sentence of the little brochure that comes with them. But they keep repeating that they are made from only "organic" ingredients. I guess ground up fish scales could be considered "organic" sort of, if you squinted with one eye.

Anyway, these are actually gorgeous faux pearls. They don't feel like real pearls. The surface feels sort of plasticky. But they have beautiful color and orient. The clasp is amazing. I wish this type of clasp was available for my real pearls. It's a sort of push and twist thing that works very well. They were very expensive for fakes, but not nearly as much as real silver Tahitians. The omega back on the earrings is very comfortable and keeps the earring seated nice and high on the earlobe.


Great pearls, pics, and plans BWeaves!

I think my favorite of these is the Birthday choker nestled in your mother's 9mm choker. So elegant!

Also wanted to mention, I quite like the look of the two lapis necklaces together. I hope you wear them like this.

I posted before getting a chance to see these fakes. They're glorious and really suit you!
Venetian glass! I can't decide if I want to keep this necklace or not. The clasp is a bit prickly, and the ends of some of the beads are a bit sharp. I just don't know if I'll wear it.


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