Ode à ma Mère

OMG I love rice krispie pearls too BW. You are one lucky girl. This one is a beauty. Glad it is yours ;)
What a bittersweet but beautiful thread! I'll be following this thread for sure...
Oh dear BWeaves. I am so very sorry to hear your sad news. And what you did for your sister was just wonderful and probably went some way to ease the very understandable disappointment of not getting your mum's engagement diamond. That was such a kind and loving gesture on your part. Such lovely photos and you look great in the rice Krispies!

And a special thank you for explaining Punim ....I am embarrassed to say that I have used it for years with my boys without any idea what I was saying lol I'd pinch their little cheeks and say " oooooo look at dat little punim face" Now I know I was saying "..ooo look at dat little face face' duh
Oh, wow, what a wonderful necklace! Your mom's decision to make it a 12 strander was a great one, it does look really full. That dragon is a very good girl! I bet it looks spectacular twisted as a torsade.
Cathy: Yes, sapphires on the end cap. Diamonds on the ring he's biting, and on the crest on top of the dragon's head. I think the dragon's eyes are rubies. I'll update this post if I'm wrong about that.

Katbran: That's too funny. If you think you're using Yiddish words and don't know what they mean, just ask me. For example, lot's of people use the word "schmuck" to mean "you idiot" and don't know it actually translates as "penis."
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BW--such a parallel universe. I now have my mom's rice crispy pearls from the 80's and will post them when I return home! They look great and they have amazing luster.
I love the dragon clasp on the necklace. What a wonderful piece to remember your mother.
I wanted to comment on this thread but I hesitated. I don't really know what to say. I can feel you, BWeaves. My deepest condolences on your mother's passing. May she rest in peace.
At the same moment, I'm glad that you get to keep those rice krispies with the dragon clasp. You really look great wearing this special necklace.
BW--such a parallel universe. I now have my mom's rice crispy pearls from the 80's and will post them when I return home! They look great and they have amazing luster.

Please do! Maybe we can instigate a Rice Krispie resurgence.
More Rice Krispie Treats, now with more lapis lazuli.


3 strands of white freshwater pearls with lapis and gold beads. I've always loved this one, too. Very wearable.


Mom owned 3 pearl shorteners, and never used them. I tried one on this strand to double it up, and I just didn't feel it as a choker length necklace.

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BWeaves -My condolences on the loss of your mother and thank you for sharing her lovely treasures with us. Her jewels are beautiful.
Thank you!

Opposite Day. Lot's of lapis and a few pearls and gold beads.


My sister got the fraternal twin to this necklace. Hers has black onyx beads instead of lapis. Quite stunning actually.


I haven't tried them together yet, but I think the two lapis necklaces might look good worn together.
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South Sea pearl drops. My sister really wanted these earrings, but she said I could have them if she could have all the Mikis. These drops are perfect, 12x13 mm, with tiny diamonds at the top of the eye pins.


My Mom had tiny earlobes, and the huggies on these earrings are really too tight on my lobes. You can see that the huggie angles backwards and won't hang down straight. If I push the huggie down straight, the eye pin shifts to the back of the earring. But the drops have huge eye pins and I can hang them off a variety of other huggies and hoops.



My diamond huggies on the top. The huggies for these earrings on the bottom. Mom's oval diamond loops on the right. Mom's large round diamond hoops on the left.


Here's the SS drops between the metallic freshwaters and the pear shaped freshwater drops from Kojima Pearl.

My huggies:


Mom's oval loops:


Mom's large round hoops:


I actually like the look of a large eye pin on a larger hoop. It reminds me of the look of pearl earrings in a lot of the Renaissance paintings.
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All so fantastic BWeaves! I'd love to see those 2 pearl/lapis pieces together when you feel up to playing with them :)