Ode à ma Mère

Your ring re-do looks beautiful and I love cabs too! Perhaps because generally you have to use higher quality stones for cabs to look really nice. Your multi-stone bracelet is beautiful, good trade!
I think the holes are a plus; it allows light to enter from the sides and illuminate the cabs from within. ...beautiful bracelet and another wonderful story! Thanks for sharing! I have 2 sons and a daughter, your experiences have encouraged me to start thinking ahead :)

My birthday akoyas from my Mom, with her SS drops on their original huggies. Previously, I've had to wear the SS drops on other earrings hoops because the huggies that came with the drops were too small for my earlobes. Mom had tiny earlobes.


Pattye! Thank you so much for your suggestion to have the posts on the huggies made longer. That did the trick! I can now wear them on my fatter earlobes. The longer post distorts the shape of the huggie slightly, but it's not noticeable at all when worn.


Your solution was one that never occurred to me as even being an option. So simple and so effective, although it took the jeweler a couple of tries to get it right.
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To see what the huggies originally looked like, go to page 3 of this thread.
YAY!!! So glad you are able to use your mom's original huggies. It is something so small but I know it must bring you great joy to be able to keep and wear something that was so special to her.

I just saw the photos you posted in April... the wedding photos, the engagement ring makeover, and the tiara photo were my favorites. I had such a smile on my face with the tiara picture.... you and your mom are lovely and have wonderful smiles.... you must have had a great Thanksgiving even if the tiaras weren't mentioned. That in itself is hilarious!
OMG I love that photo! Your mom and dad are shiny beautiful! Beautiful live photo!