No stamp on clasp need help identifying

Mar 21, 2022
So I cannot find a stamp on these clasps so I am hoping for some info and help identifying these so I can put a value to them and maker. There all 9mm in size and the set is from Ramzana jewelers. Came in the box.


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It's difficult to tell much from the photos. Can you try on a light background and use a macro setting?

Ramzana is a jeweler in Bahrain, where cultured pearls cannot be legally imported, but this doesn't look like a strand of natural Bahraini pearls either.
They don't look like natural saltwater pearls to me either. More like freshwaters, maybe even "Baby South Seas", but the photos are not very good. If possible, do retake the photos using the recommendations offered by jshepherd
Clasps are usually by some maker of clasps and often have nothing to do with the pearls. It looks like a standard ball clasp.

It's not possible from the pictures to see if the pearls are Akoya, freashwater or imitation. If the clasps are gold it probably isn't imitation. Used pearls do not have a high value so even if they are Akoya, solid gold clasps may have a higher value than the strand - depending on the quality.