New multicolor tahitian necklace

The strand is lovely and the earrings you made are terrific! Wear in good health.
Hello, Thank you for sharing! Such a lovely set. Are you able to show a picture of both on? (You can mask out your face for privacy) I just wanted to see how the 3 Tahitian earrings look with your necklace. I am thinking I also would like some Tahitian earrings but never consider 3 pear earrings. Is it heavy on your lobes?
-8 mm
I'll try to make some pictures of me wearing them as soon as i will return home, now I am on holiday.
Happy summer holidays to you all!
As promised, I made some better photos and some neckshots. They were all made outdoors in natural light.
I'm not sure about the earrings, they are too heavy with three pearls, I think I'll set them in another way.
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That necklace looks great on you. The earrings are really pretty but maybe to heavy. You could wirewrap them individually and get three pairs of earrings.
Beautiful pearls! I like the idea of making 3 different pairs of earrings. You could do one in silver and one in gold.
They are beautiful pearls! It’s a shame the earrings are too heavy, because they look great - but of course that’s no use if they’re too heavy to wear.
The pearls are all beautiful!

How do you feel about the length of the necklace? If you would prefer it a bit longer, you could use 2 of the earring pearls to lengthen the necklace. The colors and sizes seem compatible.
Great pictures! I love your strand and it looks perfect on you. The earrings complete the look. So pretty.
Wow, what fabulous skin, like porcelain! I think the blue pearl closest to your earlobe, and the red on the other side are stand-alone pearls against your skin. Wow again! For some reason your skin, your hair and those 2 dark stand-alone pearls make a picture for me.
(hehehe, we all give great advice)
oh lovely!!!
I was also looking at Wen's. Is this the $229 strand she has on stock?
lisa c, thank you very much!

seoulite, the price for my strand was only a little more, I payed it 240$
This is a fantastic purchase Alyend! Complimenti, these looks truly beautiful on you! It can a bit tricky to buy Tahitians at Wen’s, I have had some pretty pearls and some that were nothing special , but I think your pearls are the best buy ever! Enjoy them and spread the Tahitian love in Italy :)
Grazie eolian pearls! Yes, it can be tricky to buy from Wen, and from Kongs too, sometimes I also had pearls that were nothing special. I learned that you must look carefully at pictures and read the description (they generally describe the quality of the luster, the imperfections, how is the side not shown in the pictures, etc).
We should both spread the Tahitian love in Italy! :-D