New Installment by Paul Royse and Natural Pearls in Pearl Guide News


Sep 20, 2006
We've decided that I will let you know when I post new articles.

Because we usually use shortcuts to the new posts, we miss the home page, which shows at a glance what's new on Pearl Guide News and Pearls of the Week. Here (click twice if it stalls)

  • Just up, is a third installment of Paul Royse's antique pearl jewelry series, Antique Pearl Jewelry that YOU could own - 1800-1850. It's very romantic! :) Here

  • A delightful group of natural pearl jewelry from Monili Fine Jewelry, and our own Jeremy Norris. Here
    BB JN Monili red conch copy1.jpg

  • Every week something special will be presented in Pearls of the Week. This week it's a modern take on chandelier earrings using golden South Sea pearl keshi from Golconda, designed by Reema Keswani. Here
Golconda earrings copy.jpg

You can find the Pearl Guide News articles by clicking the blue tab:

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The older articles and Pearls of the Week will still be there for you to peruse as new ones are added.

Enjoy! :)

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I have put in links and an explanation at the top. I hope everyone will go to the home page at least once to check out what it looks like now. Here.

If it hangs up, click on the home page icon (little house).

Thanks Marianne and Blaire ... I'm a bit slow. .. Lol. I just go straight to forums and never checked the News .. duh Can't begin to imagine how much good info I've missed !

Thanks again for posting those photos ..those pieces are amazing the spin on the chandelier earring ..and those rings ! .. I need more money lol

Beautiful photos btw! Stunning really ! I'm sitting in a cafe with my Latte and scrolling through ... Muttering to myself ... " oh my " ... " oh baby" .. " I want that "... "oh my god " ...........People are starting to move away from me ...
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Katbran - Thanks for the outright chuckle today! Looking at pearl pictures in public can be dangerous!
Paul updated his third installment with more photos and text - even better! Check it out here.