Need opinions please...placement of spacers


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Apr 25, 2014
OK, so I'm playing with the spacers on my light mix round strand (pearls from Jacques) and I have three different options IMG_2814.jpg

Sorry for the crappy quality photos. There are 8 spacers and 34 pearls, and one 10mm ball clasp. All thoughts appreciated!!! And of course other combos as well.
My favourite is the last one :) I like the conventional spacing because symmetry makes it easier to not get too distracted from the pearls.
JP, please make a new thread with all your creations. They are inspiring :)
Surprising myself ... I like the last one ... 3 pearls, spacer, 3 pearls best. The pearls are very round and symmetrical, and it allows groups of 3 pearls, playing the subtle color differences off each other. Just my opinion of course :)
JP, is it possible to see neck shots of all the arrangements? I think i can judge that way to see which is the best arrangement.
I agree - I like the third one best as well. Adds some bling but keeps the pearls blending into each other nicely as well.
I prefer the third/last arrangement for its symmetry. However, the first two have their attraction by emphasizing the largest pearls in the front.

DK :)
The good thing is if you decided the initial arrangement doesn't suit you could alway reknot it yourself quickly. ;)
While I love asymmetry, I like the third option best, "3 pearls spacer, repeat." The reason is, necklaces can rotate around your neck, and unless there is something heavy to keep the necklace centered, an asymmetrical arrangement may always look off if it's just a weeny bit skewed to the side. The even spacing will never look off.