Need info on this Mikimoto pearls necklace


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Mar 2, 2012
I purchased a Mikimoto pearl strand years ago and would like to find out more info. Or what might worth? It is 18" in length and pearls size are 6 1/2 x 7 mm. On the certificate, it said Exquisite Cultured Pearls. Division of Mikimoto (America) Co, Ltd. There is a marking on the clasp said 14kt BL. Is it possible BL stands for Blue Lagoon? Thanks in advance!
Since auctions are a good way to find out about values. you could search eBay for comparable strands. Things are only worth what someone will pay for them
It is likely a strand of Blue Lagoon Mikimoto. Blue Lagoon is a division of Mikimoto and much like Sea Magic, it features their more affordable, lower-end product. Blue Lagoon is sold by partner retailers of Mikimoto and not in Mikimoto stores. A new strand of 6.5-7 mm would run in the thousand dollar range. You can find them being resold as used on sites like Craigslist in the $5-$600 range.
Hi Dzx they look nice, and the clasp is lovely, but even with the moderate photo quality they don't look to have the luster to be high-quality Mikimoto - so yes, likely to be the less pricey Blue Lagoon. : )
Hello Dzx,

The strand does look like a lower quality from the pictures and are lacking in lustre from your Mikimoto quality. With a Marking of "BL" they do lean towards being from the less expensive Blue Lagoon range. Hope this helps.