Need help with a basket clasp!


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Jul 23, 2008
I am working with Elia at Pearl Paradise on a fantastic 22in necklace. We are all set on pearls but we are stuck at the clasp!

I would love for this necklace to have a basket/cage clasp, so versatile!! but they haven't strung one of these yet :confused: and I can't find but the one pic from the Pearl Outlet -

If any of you have a basket/cage clasped strand, would you please share your pictures?

Thanks so much :)


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This is really pretty, nice job. I have basket clasps, but haven't used them yet. Do you have yours? Those look like pretty big pearls. I plan to use them by attaching a single pearl to the end of the strand using a head pin twisted on one end like an earring- so the gimp or bead end would go that and that would end the strand. When the necklace is to be worn long, the basket clasps on that, when it is shortened, that will be the end point of the lariat. Does that make sense? pm me if you have more questions. has something similar here

I bought it over a year ago and returned it. The largest it came is 9mm and your pearl must be < 8mm to fit it, 8mm would be pushing it. Remember to account for the thickness of the basket. Once you subtract that, the pearl must have room to wiggle in less than 8mm sphere. It's a trial and error thing, if you pick a 7 - 7.5mm it probably would work.
My clasp is the 2nd bellafindings one.
The smaller white pearls are the ones I will be using as the clasp point, they are 6-8mm. Elia says I would be able to wear it at about 22”, 19.5”, 17” and 16”.
And yeah, some of those babies are pretty big :)

This started out as my tax refund present to myself, I got a freshadama strand and a multicolor freshwater strand. The freshies were gorgeous but the multis weren't really all that different from each other... mostly pink and peach, and the shapes just didn't do it for me either. They were mostly triangle-ish honkers... all about 11mm.

I'm sure they made a lot of ladies happy, it just wasn't *my* necklace. Elia has been so wonderful actually hearing what I am saying and helping me put this piece together :)

So waimeamomi, what I am understanding is there will be a really small gold bead/appears to be a bead at one end with the clasp at the other end. Right?

I found this other link, the clasp is really neat!

I'm kind of astounded that there aren't more pictures on the web. To have a necklace you can do this with makes so much sense to me!
So waimeamomi, what I am understanding is there will be a really small gold bead/appears to be a bead at one end with the clasp at the other end. Right?

Sort of like the picture you have on your link of the end pearl. Keep in mind I haven't done this yet, but I would take a head pin through the end pearl, create a loop in the end of the pin (like when you make earrings) and then attach it to one end of the necklace. How you attach it is up to you guys - you could just knot it and cover it with a gold bead or crimp cover (that's what it looks like they did in the black strand pic) or you could use gimp and attach it just like you would a clasp. You could do what ever you wanted to the end pearl - just make it blend in, or add stones etc. to give it a real drop look for the front or back. OK, maybe I should get on this for one of my projects today, since I'm sitting with 2 baskets myself! :rolleyes:
Here you go, the WG basket clasp on my custom 20in 8-9mm Gem Fresh strand from TPO. The clasp can take pearls as big as 8mm.




Hope this helps :)

DK :)
Great pix!! Awesome detail - I can see the threads of the knots!! Gorgeous pearls!!!

If it isn't too much of a bother, would you post one of the opposite end from the clasp? I can just barely see it in the first one, and that's what I want to make sure they understand! :)
Sorry, I don't have a pic of the opposite end. The last pearl is made secure by pulling a piece of Gimp/French Wire against the pearl but without the jump ring as one would do when using a 2-piece clasp.

Hope this helps.

DK :)
Just wanted to show off my beauty :) We ended up doing the same as TPO for the end pearl.

I am wearing it now as a choker, with the tail down the back. It is PERFECT!

Thanks for your input, you have helped me get just about the best birthday present ever :)


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that clasp should be better known. I hope people will keep posting pix and sources for more!

yes, i agree! as now that i've seen so many of y'all's photos of this awesome clasp, i can't find any, or any that aren't just sterling silver sold on anyone have a source more recently than 2009?

Finally found a photo of the custom lariat I created using the enhancer bail. I know it isn't what you are looking for, but for some of us, an affordable alternative, as they are less expensive, with more choices even in 14k. This one is sterling. (Pearls are keshi, with a huge wing pearl from Sarah at Kojima.)
Pattye, that was a great idea! I will borrow it for some project, if I may ;)

Also, i really like your version of lariat!